Art Attack (aka mini art haul)

Monday, 31 March 2014

So recently I popped into Wilkinsons to get photo frames for my comic con photos and I came across the little art section and fell in love with the mini easel's and canvases. I just had to get them. But of course I had to buy paint , then new brushes and then a paint holder. I already had bought the pens a few days before hand to go with my other pens I bought for my wreck this journal and they are just the best pens ever and were on sale too! The drawing out pencil & pencil protective caps was courtesy of Greyray Stationary and I will blog abit about that later. I can't remember exactly the prices of everything but the paints were under £5, Brushes were under £2, the easels and canvases were under £2 each and my paint holder was just pennys. I'm sure you will be able to find them in your local Wilkinsons too.

I've always loved art. Over the years, I've lost my touch. I used to be such a good drawer and painter in high school. At one point I would have loved to go to art school but eventually that flame went out and the dream dwindled into just a hobby that got forgotten. My high school art books stuffed away into boxes, never to be seen again but my wreck this journal and my love of tiny things made a spark in the dark. And I have the artist blood flowing through me.
I've decided to paint three canvases (I need to buy more) to my dear friends Claire, Elle and Michelle. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I might just do mini canvas paintings for the rest of my life. They are so cute and my photo makes me feel like alice in wonderland with really big paint pots and brushes. :D

Are you the arty farty type? Do you love to paint or draw? Let me know in the comments below!

To go and buy mini easels go to Wilkos :D


The Wedding Dairies: Newcastle's Wedding Wonder Show 2014: Pt.1

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Well hello hello. I's about time I wrote about the wedding show I went to earlier this month. This will be part one of the wedding diaries I'm currently writing on my blog and part 1 of the event, part 2 is the goodie bag. Anything wedding related will go under the tag!
The wedding wonder show was hosted at St Jame's Park. The entrance showcased some of the cars you could hire for the big day. As we got inside there was a wedding singer, nothing like Adam Sandler but tony liked him, haha.
It was hot, stuffy and I was looking around for leaflets to fan myself down with. There was alot of brides to be and since I was late, I rushed to get my goodie bag at the stand which seemed to be the last one. I booked it online before the actual event. Sometimes they give them away though. As I was paroosing, I saw a photobooth machine, which I would have went in and took photos but I had limted amount of money and couldn't. I walked past a woman with a bride to be badge clipped onto her jacket and went into a huff when I didn't get mine. During my time paroosing, I managed to snag some chocolate bars, cake tasters and A LOT of leaflets. It was lovely seeing all the dresses up front, I fell in love with one dress and a few pastel bridesmaid dresses. I even saw a birdcage cake but couldn't get close enough to snap a photo. There were so many people in this place, it was hard to take photos of things. I tried my best!

I remember a cocktail bar which was very colourful and somewhere, there was free glasses of bubbly. I would have took one but I'm not fond of champagne. Apart from the photobooths we saw, we also saw gaming and casino areas. Me and Tony really want a gaming machine for our wedding! It would cost alot though. it's about £600 for rental, same goes for the photobooths. :(

There's a random photo of a lamp because it was really pretty. :)
Overrall I had a really nice time. I got even more excited for my wedding and seeing everything and the prices, I joked to myself that I should be a wedding photographer or a cake maker.
After a bag full of leaflets and little goodies, we eventually left. I would have stuck around for the wedding dress cat walk show, but the seats were all taken and I would have passed out with the heat.
I had a gander in my bag then left to visit my friend Laura as she couldn't make it with me due to having a bad ankle so I brought all my goodies to show her. :)

Have you been to a wedding event? Are you married? How did you plan your wedding if you are?

Ta Ra

Barry M Aquarium: Arabian Nail Polish

Monday, 24 March 2014

I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS NAIL POLISH. No seriously. Ever since I saw the photos of the Barry M Aquarium Collection. I just knew I had to collect them all. As I didn't have much money at the time, I settled on buying the Arabian colour during my mini superdrug haul. Which is a lovely greeny gold shimmer. And it makes me feel like a MERMAID. It's such a beautiful colour.
I've already scrubbed some dishes and it's still staying on. Usually any other nail polish would have chipped right now but no. Barry M stays. It's such a spring/summer colour and I suggest everyone goes out and buys this nail polish.

Check out all the other lovely colours!
Courtesy of Barry M Cosmetics

Have you bought this collection? What is your favourite?

Nerdy Tea Girl

The Vegan Kind

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hello! Hope everyone is having a lovely evening or morning, depending on when you are reading this post. This is Februarys's The Vegan Kind box! or TVK5 ;) Another subscription box I wanted to try out. I've been after all these vegan boxes out there and I've already tried one and now it's TVK turn. I actually got this box a while a go and I've been slowly trying out everything to see what I liked and didn't.

I got in my box:

- Raw Choc Brownie
- Raw Coconut Cookies
- Green Frog Washing Up Liquid
- Harissa Spices
- Hot Chicks Spicy Roasted Chick Peas
- A Recipe Card

The Vegan Kind is £10 per month + P&P and they don't just send out food but various products that are vegan friendly. Hence the washing up liquid. I love that you get a recipe card to collect each time and on your third box you receive a binder to keep them all in. I haven't tried out the Harissa Spices yet! But I'm likely to make them in something very soon.

The things I did love were the Chocolate Brownie which was lovely, I gobbled it down and the washing up liquid, which was so fresh! I love using this while doing the dishes.
The spicy roasted chick peas were quite nice to munch on considering I'm not too fond of chickpeas!
The one item I didn't like the taste of and I was quite disappointed because they looked so yummy where the raw coconut cookies. I love coconut but mint and coconut tasted like I was eating mint lipbalm and not the nice kind. They were very hard to bite into. My fiance loved the mini cookie but I was very put off. Which is a shame but I guess not everything is to someone's liking and out of everything I've tasted that is vegan, this is one of two products I disliked. So that's still good.

I also got a leaflet telling me about how every month proceeds from the box go to a different charity. And this month was Cat Cuddles. It's an adorable name and I only found out about them in Vegan Kind's box. So please go and take a look at this cat sanctuary and help them out! <3

For the price and the overall look and feel of this subscription box. I say it's worth it. It's a great box for budding vegans. Unfortunately due to financial demands of being an adult I wasn't able to continue to receive next months subscription. Hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to sign up again.

Get yours here.
and help out at Cat Cuddles here.

Have you tried The Vegan Kind?


Review: Primark Hair Chalk

Monday, 17 March 2014

Under no circumstances should you buy this product. It's awful. I bought this on a whim , 3 weeks ago and I've only tried it today. I thought since trying out a hair chalk in The Body Shop that I would finally have a go at doing this on my blonde parts of my hair.
It doesn't even go on. It just rubs off and makes your hair very dry. It's quite disappointing. I suggest if you decide to play around with hair chalks then please get one from The Body Shop! I tried one on and it went on perfectly. Since Primark's beauty range has been quite successful and I adore the eyeliners. I wish this was a bit better. I was looking forward to having blue and pink streaks in my hair.

Avoid at all costs.

Have you tried hair chalk? What are your favourites?

Review : Ambiance Dry Shampoo

Thursday, 13 March 2014

I recently got the opportunity to try out Ambiance Dry Shampoo. I love dry shampoo's they are a god send! This one will set you back £11.99 though and you can even buy it on Amazon right now.
I got mine in brunette even though my hair is currently ombre!
Unlike normal shampoo sprays this one is a powder. And is available in brunette, blonde, black, grey or red AND you can get refills for your brush pot.

My hair usually turns greasy after 2-3 days and I don't always have time to fill up a bath to freshen my hair, I know I shouldn't be so lazy but this is why I choose to freshen my hair with dry shampoo until I can find time to have a bath as I currently do not have a shower. Even though I prefer showers to baths. (insert moan about have a bath here)

Any dry shampoo I use never lasts long and this tiny bottle probably won't stretch a month, unless you only use it sometimes but if you are like me and use dry shampoo like it's going out of fashion then I suggest getting refills or perhaps a cheaper spray shampoo. For the money you are paying you are getting what it's worth. This dry shampoo not only says goodbye to grease but gives your hair some much needed UMFT.
Get this hair back to being fabulous!

On the plus side no more white/grey marks on your head! I'm quite sick of spraying shampoo into my hair and looking like it has aged by 40 years! This dry shampoo blends with your hair. The only bad side is that it can stain! So keep away from white shirts and your skin line. A little tricky to apply at first but you get the hang on it. Just whack it on. ;) It's like foundation for your hair!

Would I buy this again? Yes if the price wasn't so expensive! It really is a good product. I'm so thankful I got the opportunity to try this new product.

Would you try this out? Let me know what your favourite dry shampoo is?


Review: Healthy Nails

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I've been in need of a nail file for a while now. I can never find one when I need to do my nails so when the opportunity arose to try out a new nail file I was jumped at the chance.
This little nail file will set you back £16.99. You can buy it from Amazon here, it's currently on sale at £12.99. You can get them in Black, Purple or Pink. I received Black :)

This little beauty comes in a slimline case. Which I thought was a nice little touch to this crystal nail file. As soon as I pulled it out I automatically thought that they had sent me a mini sword! I recently snapped a nail from hardcore cleaning of my bedroom ( I snapped it by trying to open a box!) so I had to file it down since it was so rigid. I have to admit I thought it was a little rough but then I was like.. Jess! It's a nail file, what nail file isn't rough? i was reading up about it and its the professional manicurist choice of nail file to use and has a long term endurance so it's not easy to break! It really is a little weapon, concealed in your handbag in a neat little case. I'm in no way shape or form telling you to get this as a weapon but it is a plus for any lady out there who feels uneasy walking home alone at night. Whip this little beauty out! Works amazing on nails too! ;)

Jokes aside. For £16, you get what you paid for. Good quality but obviously if you are on a budget then cheaper the better but if you have the cash then I suggest you get one of these. It doesn't break the nail and swiftly turns it into dust. The case also means that you can find it in your handbag, so no squabbling about trying to find a small nail file in an nail emergency. You will never go back to emery boards after using this little baby. I'm so happy I got this. Thank you Healthy Nails Professional. :)

Do you use an emery board or have you got a professional nail file? Do you prefer getting a manicurist to do your nails instead? Let me know if you would pay £16 for one. Comment below!


Find Healthy Nails @  Amazon // Twitter // Website // Facebook

Newcastle Comic Con Part 3

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I've never met a celebrity in my life. I once saw Scott from Geordie Shore crossing the road while I was on the bus but that doesn't really count. Just before I decided to get a photo in the Game of Throne's chair. Kai Owen walked out of the door and bumped into me. Kai Owen played Rhys in Torchwood. He was a lovely chap but was in a rush to get back to his autograph table. I said " Oh haiii" Not realising at first who I just said Hello to! He said " Hey, You alright?" In that welsh accent he has. I nodded and he patted my back and walked away. I squealed at Tony. " Omg Kai Owen from Torchwood just touched my back!" Tony's reply... "...ok, who?" Apart from Hannah Spearitt from SClub 7, Tony had no clue who these people were! He was just tagging along to be quite honest.

I snapped a few cheeky pictures of signings that was happening before buying my tickets for Chris and Suanne photoshoots. Gutted that I had hardly any money other wise I would have gotten Kenny Baker's signature for my dad, who's birthday is coming up. It was also really hard to snap a candid photo of him sitting in his chair. I did however get Carl Weathers, another one I was disappointed in not getting, Hannah Spearitt who looks so different from her SClub 7 days , two footballers from way back when and Kai Owens who just looked bored, bless him. I'm also gutted that I never managed to get a picture of John Rhys Davies. I just caught the end of his talk before the Stargate talk started. He did however say hello to us while walking past the Chris Judge photoshoot line. :D
I had my first photoshoot and starstruck moment with Christopher Judge who played Teal'c in Stargate and one of the main reasons for me coming to Comic Con, I would have come anyway but this made it even better. I shook his hand and he said hello and I said hello back. His deep canadian voice took me by surprise. It had been a while since I watched Stargate and he hardly ever speaks on that show. The photographer snapped a photo of me and my smile was do dorky I couldn't believe it. I was so happy! The photographer however kept staring at me. :/

It would be another twenty minutes before my next photoshoot so we both went out for some fresh air. Not realising how long it take. I rushed back in to get my photo with Suanne Braun. I was last in line so I managed to get a few words in with her before I left. I follow her on twitter and whenever I mention something and @ her. She always retweets. And even though hardly anyone knows who she is I think she is a star in my eyes. She's in Milla Jovovich's next film for god sakes ( I don't realise this till later) Anyway Suanne Braun puts her arm around me and I say "Hello, Thank you for retweeting me on twitter by the way" and she goes "omg what did I retweet?" but then the photographer is ready to take the photo so we both smile but I end up doing this goofy look and then before I leave I go "You retweeted about comic con! :D " and then I leave quite happily but I'm annoyed that I didn't smile properly. For those who don't know who Suanne is, she is Hathor in Stargate!

We have a little time to kill before the Stargate talk. So we sit down for a bit before heading around the stalls and we have a listen to the Cosplay talk which was quite interesting. After walking around we caught the end of John-Rhys Davies chatting. We get a good seat in the main talk area right next to a speaker. And on come Suanne and Chris.

Suanne is so funny. She and Chris tell stories of Richard Dean Anderson farting in a sarcophagus in the episode 'Hathor' and how Suanne stalked Eddie Izzard when she was starstuck. Chris told us how Independence Day was actually what Stargate was suppose to be. They wrote a movie for it and it then became Independence Day when MGM were being idiots. MGM were 4 million in debt too! It was really interesting and funny to hear them and of course Chris did his Teal'c "indeed" and Suanne took a photo of the audience but I'm at the far right and cut out! Boo :( But Chris was fine with anyone who showed any boobs while doing it! They auctioned off some t-shirts and they went for about £50. They were rare and made for the stargate crew only. I wish I was rich.

Oh I also got a photo with a Harley Quinn Cosplayer. ;) She was lovely. I wish I gotten more cosplayer photos! There were some amazing Spider-mans.

Here is a snippet of the Stargate Talk

Let me know if you've been to any Comic Cons /going to or have cosplayed? 

Newcastle Comic Con Part 2

Once inside we made our way into the main area. We had an hour to kill until I needed to buy my tickets for meeting Chris Judge and Suanne Braun. I hardly had any cash to spend so only brought what I needed for the photoshoots (shown in part 3) I was in love with the majority of stalls in the arena. When I first walked in I saw the Bumblebee car from transformers. It was beeeeeautiful. It said on the website that the Knight Rider car was there but no sign of it so I guess Kitt needed to be somewhere else. :(

I saw photos of Saturday on facebook and instagram and I really wanted to check out the badges! I WANTED THEM ALL. I don't think you realise how much I would have bought them. I didn't even have enough money so I bought a few to put on my camera stap. ;)

I got a Chuck badge for Tony, Pokeball for both of us and a Aperture Portal Badge. I really wanted a Supernatural protection tattoo badge & a CAFPOW Coffee! Maybe's next time. :)
Then I saw a stall with an Back to the Future Alamanac & Death Note book. The wonka bar was a bit shite to be honest, Tony & me have made better replicas! Just ask Elle . I'm not too sure who they were so I can't link a facebook or anything for the badges and replica books. I also came across this adorable stall that was selling Eevee necklaces (my favourite pokemon!) and Pokemon Gym Badge Stickers. Which were so cool. I wish I had a photo. You can check them out @ The Harpys Nest.
Next we had one of the thousands of t-shirt stalls around. I saw this simple but awesome Stargate t-shirt. It had the Stargate dialing symbols on for Earth. :D I also wanted the Supernatural T-shirts. There were hundreds of merchandise stalls and alot of them had Pop Vinyls. Still wishing I had money to buy things with. Especially when I came across a cute little goth shop. It had masquerade masks and awesome bags!

We came across the NERG gaming area. Everything was free to play on. I'm hoping to attend NERG's event later this year in Gateshead. The area was quite full and nothing was free to play on so I snapped a photo of a lilac haired girl playing pac-man.

We wondered around a few times while waiting for Photoshoots and talks to happen... And then I finally got to meet my childhood stars...

Newcastle Comic Con Part 1

The day finally arrived! I've been waiting for the first Newcastle Comic Con since last year when it was first announced. I only got tickets for Sunday and I'm glad I did since Showmasters and Newcastle Arena had problems on Saturday with very long queues. Sunday was much better. We arrived at about 9:30am and got in an hour and a bit later. While standing outside we saw some impressive cosplays. There was Darth Vader, Stormstroopers, Indiana Jones, Alice from Resident Evil, Roller Girls (Sadly didn't get a photo of these girls!), Judge Dredd, Stargate Officers to name a few. They were amazing. Just seeing all these fab costumes made me wish I had cosplayed. Perhaps next year ;)
I wore my Wonder Woman t-shirt as it was quite appropriate for this event! If anything was like the Wedding Show event, I knew how hot it would get inside. I didn't even get to keep my ticket because they were rushing to get people inside. So I took a photo of it before we even left. As soon as I got in, Tony needed a tab! Typical I get in and we need to go outside into the break area. One very fast smoke later and I'm surrounded by fellow geeks and cosplayers.....

The Vegan Tuck Box

Saturday, 8 March 2014

As you know I love subscription boxes and would like to try everything from beauty to geek boxes. This also includes Vegan boxes! For £20 you can get your box monthly or £22 for a one of box which includes up to 10 new or hard to find vegan goodies! I was lucky enough to recieve the February addition. And since February is the month of Luuuurve. This box has cute love heart sweeties and chocolates! <3

Over the past few months, I have tried and failed to eat healthier. And I'm trying again. I desperatly need to stop eating junk food and takeaways and lose some weight for my wedding in August! I've never really been motivated but looking at all these treats in my Vegan Box has definitely kicked motivation into me. Be aware that not all of the boxes will contain as many sweet products as February's box has contained!

I've already nommed the limted edition marshamallow heart and shared the cinder toffee with my partner.
And I really enjoyed eating them. Since they don't contain milk, I though they would taste very different but they just taste like normal chocolate you get in the supermarket. I'm very curious about the energy chocolate ball which I haven't eaten yet! I'll pace myself as everything is sweet.

My box contained :

- Love Hearts
- Golden Crunch Cinder Toffee
- Amandas Gelatine Free marshmallow Sandwich Heart
- Love Bite Truffle Ball
- Dark Chocolate Soya Beans Snack
- CandyHeart Lollypop
- A Little Chocolate Heart
- White Delight Chocolate
- Fairtrade Ayurvedic Relaxation Treatment Chocolate Bar
- Coconut Sequilhoo Biscuits

The coconut biscuits are heart shaped and the white delight chocolate has cute hippos on the wrapper. February is such a cute box!
I've never tried soya beans before so this will be a a new surprise! Even though everything in the box is different they are still new to try for me, except love hearts! Which I will be giving to my partner as I'm not too fond of them.
These Vegan Boxes have taught me that vegan food isn't boring and tastes amazing! So i recommend that if anyone is trying to eat healthier or is thinking about being Vegan or a Vegetarian then definitely check out these boxes. From what I see and what I've gotten. They are good value for your money each month.
The website even has a little online shop so you can buy food from previous boxes which is handy and I will be buying from them.

Check them out and buy a box : THE VEGAN TUCK

Let me know if your a vegan,, try to get healthy or would like to try any of these snacks in the comments below! :)