April's Wishlist : Primark, Gifts & Pieces and Amazon

Saturday, 19 April 2014

001. Watch Dogs DEDSEC Edition PS3/PS4 - £87 / Amazon
I have wanted this game for so long. I've watched all the trailers and videos since E3 and it's a game that I could see playing 24/7. I love futuristic games, my favourite is Deus Ex (and films) and this seems right up my alleyway. What if you could hack everything around you with a smartphone? Yep. You read that correctly. The DEDSEC is £88 because its a collectors edition and comes with a special figurine of Aiden Pierce, a soundtrack, extra missions, artbook, map of chicago, exclusive badges, augmented reality cards and it's all in a steelbook. ERMAGERD. I want it. and I want it now! You can check the trailer here & buy it here.

002. Fuji Instax 8 Pink (or Blue) - £60-70 / Amazon
I have seen these floating around the blogsphere, instagram and even at the Maxmoefoe meet-up. I love polaroids. I used to have one when I was younger but it was such an old model, they never made any more film packs for them. These are so cute and I've really wanted a polaroid camera for a long time now. My fiance think' they are ugly but I really like them. I'd either have a pink or blue coloured Fuji. I love taking photos and I never have the time to go and print them so these are perfect for snapping those memories <3

003 + 004. Pastel Checked Leggings & Marvel Leggings - £8 Each / Primark
I'm in love with anything geeky and ever since I saw Katy Perry wear comic book leggings, years ago. I have been after some awesome comic book legging and these are perfect for me! I've seen comic leggings on eBay but most of them have never took my fancy. Hello Primark. I'm coming to get you and those Pastel leggings too. I have nothing to go with them but I really want a pastel wardrobe for Spring. So thats my excuse for these leggings. Perhaps my fluffy pink marshmallow jumper would look good with them. 

005 + 006. Butterfly Duvet & Cream+Brown Duvet - £12 -14 Each / Primark
I saw these online ages ago and then I found the Butterfly cover in Leeds and I couldn't buy it right then so I hope it's still in the Newcastle store. It's perfect for the Grey & Mint scheme I'm going for in the bedroom and I also love neutral colours so this duvet would be perfect to place on the bed while I wash the other one. They are so pretty. 

007. Things Box - £3 / Primark
Another knick knack I would like to put in my bedroom to store various things. It's only £3 too! I dunno what I would put in it. I'm sure I'd find something! :D

008. Inital Cup - £9.20  /Giftsandpieces.co.uk
After strolling though Gifts and Pieces. I decided on two things I would love to buy because everything was so pretty and I wanted everything. So I'll just include the whole shop in my wishlist. BUT this caught my eye. I really want a cup with my initial J on it. and this is so cute and vintage. It will be my special cup because I've never thought about spending so much on one cup before. 

009. AquamarineTeacup with Saucer - £11.90 / giftsandpiece.co.uk
Again. Another cup I would love to get from this shop. There are far too many cups in this shop that I want. Someone get me all of them! <3 Hello future christmas presents.

So that is my wishlist for April. I'll probably only get about 2 of these things. A girl can wish for a while. :D

Would you buy any of these things or have you already got some of them?



  1. i don't really wear leggings but i do love primarks marvel collection and those teacups are adorable! x

  2. Lovely picks! Those checked leggings are really nice - perfect for Spring! :)

  3. Love the checked leggings :)

  4. I love the things you've picked out! Especially the bargain things box and initial cup. I love a fancy cup and saucer, it kind of makes me feel like the queen when i'm using one!


  5. I really want a Fuji Instax! The pastel colours are gorgeous and I always wanted a Polaroid!

    Carly | www.floralfidelity.co.uk