Coloured Lenses UK: Brillant Blue Freshlook*

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hello everyone! I have a new pair of contacts to review for you today. As some of you may know, I'm putting together a Gentleman Gnar genderbend cosplay for MCM next year and I need some blue contacts to finish off the look. So when the opportunity to work with Coloured Lenses UK came around, I jumped at the chance. There's something addictive about being able to change your eye colour. It makes such a big difference to your look overall and I love how they look!


Sunday, 22 November 2015

After getting all 20 of you guys to sign up to the Viewster's Omakase newsetter (well 16 of you but Viewster noticed my efforts and kindly sent one out to me anyway) I finally got the chance to check out the beta box! Thank you so much!

Makeup Revolution Wishlist

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Gosh, it's been a while since my last post! I'm slowly trying to get myself back into blogging. I miss the chats, the people and carefully taking photographs of products I've bought on whims and needed to share with you guys. Since my life is in chaos right now and I'm saving all my money for a new place to live and things to furnish that place with, spending money on make-up etc is something of a luxury at the moment and I can't spoil myself rotten. Everything goes on bills and food right now. So this post is dedicated to all the make-up I'm lusting after from Make Up Revolution. I'm always reading posts about how amazing there products are. I'm not a MUR virgin as a while ago I won a eyeshadow palette from them but I need more from them. So I'm saving up to treat myself and this is what I want.

Ultra Base Corrector Palette - £6
One of their lastest products that everyone is currently raving about. I'm eager to try this out. I am cursed with dark circles, redness and blotchy yellowness on my face and I want rid of them! And I've heard wonders about this product. Look at the pretty pastel colours too! This is the main product I am after and hopefully I can get my hands on it soon!

Ultra Contour Palette -£8
Another one of their lastest products and I have to admit, I've never contoured in my life. This needs to change. I'd probably need some brushes and a tutorial to go with it as I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to chiseling my face and at an £8 price, who could say no?

Concealer in "Fairest" -£2 
I've been using MUA's concealer and to be honest, it doesn't cover well and they don't do more than three shades. Make Up Revolution do. I'm a fair skinned girl and I find it very hard to find products that are a good match. So fingers crossed that this one give me more coverage than the last.

The One Foundation - £4
I'm also looking for a new foundation as I found my last one to be alittle cakey and after a while I noticed that it was looking more yellow on my skin. I'm hoping MUR is The One for me. (That was so cheesy) And at £4, its not going to break my balance too much.

Blushing Hearts Blusher - £4.99
Dubbed the Too Faced blusher and has such pretty packaging that I can't say no to this product and I've been wishing for this for a while now, parousing reviews and looking at pretty instagram photos. I want it and I want it now.

Ultra Brow Arch and Shape - £3.50
I love my eyebrows, they have a really good shape to them once I tweek them alittle with some brow powder or eyeshadow when I run out of brow pencils. This brow arch and shape pen...cil? looks like a perfect brow product to me and I can't wait to get my eyebrows on fleek with this. Did I really just type "on fleek"? what in the world is happening to me?

Mermaids VS Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette - £4
The title of this palette alone makes me want to buy it. So it isn't the usual browns and nudes I go for on my eyelids but would come in handy for events and cosplaying. Plus who doesn't love Mermaids and Unicorns?!

Lip Lava in Forgiven - £2.99
Another Too Faced dupe. I'm just curious about this product. And I want to be able to wear more lipstick out and about. I'm just a wimp when it comes to colour on the lips. This is a beautiful shade and I want to rock it, so thats why I'm lusting after it.

So that is my Make Up Revolution wishlist, for now. They come out with so many new products that I'll want more soon enough.
Have you bought any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? If you've reviewed any, let me know and I will check it out :D

Pinky Paradise: Cloud Nine Pink

Sunday, 17 May 2015

As some of you may know I am cosplaying Super Sonico at MCM this month and I needed some pink contact lenses to finish off Sonico's look. After asking online which is the best place to get lenses from, Riiri-chan aka Kerri suggested Pinky Paradise to me and that is exactly where I went. I thought I would do a review for you guys since I know a few of you are fellow cosplayers yourselves!

What is Pinky Paradise?
PP is the largest online store for contact lenses. They stock everything from circle lenses to contact accessories and eye care products. There are over 900+ styles to choose from, freebies with each order and if you order over $130 (GBP - £80) you can get free express shipping.

Vassen Cloud Nine Pink
Price                      : £15.30 ($23.90)
Diameter: 14.5mm / 15.0mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

I ordered the Vassen Cloud Nine in Pink with a bottle of solution to keep my contacts nice and clean. The solution was £3.79 for a 120ml bottle and came with a contact lens case too! They took around 2 weeks to arrive so if you're wanting them for a convention, make sure to order them a few weeks in advance.

I was very excited when they arrived. They were well packaged, coming in a bubble lined mailer and wrapped in squishy foam to ensure the bottles did not break during transit.
They come in two little bottles in fluid which keeps them protected and hydrated. Before opening make sure you check for any damage to the lenses by looking underneath & making sure they are the right lenses too!
You can buy prescription lenses but I bought them as -0.00, make sure to check with your optician before buying and inserting lenses to make sure you have the correct prescription.

I removed my lenses from the bottles and left my contacts in the solution overnight as suggested. You should have yours in at least 8 hours in the solution before wearing. For first time wearers, its suggested to use them for 3 hours and then next time for a little bit longer. Ease into wearing them so they are more comfortable for longer use but please don't wear them for more than 8 hours as they will start drying out your eyes.

This is my first time ordering and wearing contacts. I  must say I'm very impressed with Pinky Paradise. I can see why they are the number 1 place to go for lenses. It took me a while to get my lenses in. I was struggling alittle bit but I remembered watching Noodlerellas video on how to get them in and I just went for it.  At first my eye was like WOAH. what the heck is on me and were alittle irritated but after five minutes they adjusted and felt more comfortable. You get used to them quickly and my second time inserting them was alot easier for me. The lenses themselves are a beautiful pink colour and have cloud shape design around them. My eyes are naturally greenish brown so you can see that colour popping out ever so slightly but the rest of the lens blends in nicely. I recommend these to anyone who needs to cosplay Sonico or just wants some cute pink lenses to make their eyes pop! I can't wait to order more. I have my eye on some blue and purple lenses! :D

Here is how I look with them on:

And how I look without the lenses

Enlargement: 5/5

Comfort: 4/5

Colour: 5/5

Overall: 5/5
Check out Pinky Paradise at their Website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Have you ordered from here before?

- Jess

Primark's Fast Dry Nail Spray.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

I picked this lil beauty up from a recent shop at primark, you can read about my haul here. It was only 80p and it looked rather intriguing. I'm always wearing nail polish and a spray to make your nail polish dry faster made me curious to see if it actually worked or not. Usually I wear Barry M Nail Polishes as I'm  obsessed with them and they dry pretty quickly when compared to other nail polishes on the market. One layer of Barry M usually only takes a minute or two to dry and thats okay for me, but I have to normally put two to three coats on depending on the colour! And the faster I can do an activity without smudging my nails, the better. 

I simply put on three layers of polish without stopping inbetween to dry and took this spray out and spritzed it on each nail. It says to let it dry for one minute before touching the nail. Now after one minute with three coats of nail varnish on, it's still pretty smudgy but if you watch closely, you can actually see it drying your nails. Yes. I watched paint dry. The spray is what I would describe as an oily texture. It's quite a horrible feeling but it's suppose to give you a glossy look. Which isn't needed with Barry M's gel paints but what the hell. Because of the oily feel, its alittle bit hard to tell if the nail is dry or not. But after two to three minutes, which seemed like a long time, all of my nails were dry and all I had to do was wash off the left over residue.

For three coat of nail varnish all whacked onto a nail and then to dry three minutes later was great!
I'm usually a bit hesitant when it comes to Primark make-up and hair care since I bought hair chalks and they were pretty poop to be honest but since then they've come a long way and I've been loving their make-up range.


- Does what it says on the tin
- only 80p
- Doesn't have a strong smell


- Spray feels oily

Have you tried this Spray? What are your favourite Primark Beauty Buys?

50 Shades of MAC

Sunday, 12 April 2015

 Pink Nouveau // Coral Bliss // Peach Blossom  MAC Lipsticks* £15.50 each.

A few weeks ago I had been told that I was the winner of Kirsty's MAC giveaway! I didn't just win 1 lipstick, I won three of these bad boys. I was over the moon. Kirsty told me I could choose which colours I wanted and I went with these three beautiful summer shades. Pink Nouveau is a bright satin pink, a shade that I wouldn't normally wear and I will blog about it in a separate post. Coral and Peach are subtle shades of nudes which I adore and go with any outfit that I fling onto myself. (I get dressed in the dark, which is why I'm not a fashion blogger..... kidding!)

I have to admit. I've been pretty lucky with MAC lipsticks. I have a total of 5 lipsticks and all of them I've won. Yep! That's right. I've never bought a MAC lipstick. Mainly because I can't justify buying a £15 lipstick with little money I have but the lipsticks I do have, I love and find myself reaching for them all the time. Maybes one day I will buy one from MAC but I will just enjoy the ones I have now.

What are your favourite shades of MAC Lipstick and have you ever won anything from blog competitions?

You've got my heart Primark.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

I love a bit of retail therapy. Don't you? I went to Primark the other day for some summery accessories and just to have a parouse. I did get a couple of clothing items but this was the majority of it. I'm not loving the pineapples and flamingos everywhere but that's just my taste. I did grab a few goodies a couple of weeks ago but I won't include them in this post.
I am obsessed with their gold dainty jewellery. I'm pretty sure 70% of my jewellery is from primark right now and the candles! OMG THE CANDLES. They smell uh-maze-ing. I just want them all. I also have a few bits of makeup that made me go hmmmm. So I will be reviewing them soon but here is what I got;

PS Love Your Hair Conditioner - £1.50
PS Love your Nails Fast Dry Spray - 80p
Watermelon Lemonade Candle - £1
Liquid Foundation Brush - £1.50
Nail Varnish Corrector Pen -£1
Fashion Nails - £1
4 Shade Eyeshadow -£2.00
Dainty Heart Necklace -£1.50
Pack of 8 Rings - £3
3 Bracelets -£2
Floral Headband - £3

 I also took these photos with my iphone so sorry for the quality!

The Watermelon Lemonade candle smells divine. Like I should be sipping cocktails and eating fruit salad in my back garden. I've been dying my hair alot quite recently so I thought I would give the Moisturizing Conditioner a try out and I picked up the fast dry spray because 1. it was 80p and 2. I wanted to see if it really worked. Keep an eye out for a blog post about it soon! It was so hard to find an eyeshadow palette that wasn't covered in makeup at the stand, but this beautiful eyeshadow palette as some beautiful green hues and I wanted to be a bohemian flower girl so I bought a headband with dainty pink roses and gold leafs and it just oozes summer when I place it upon my head.

Have you purchased anything from Primark lately and did you blog about it? Link me in the comments. ^_^

Conceal, don't feel.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Hello! As you can see I've had a bit of a layout change and I'm slowly making my way back into blogging. How lovely has the weather been so far? I feel like cracking open a bottle of strawberry cider and sitting in my backyard with a good book. Anyhooo. I went into my local superdrug to purchase my concealer from MUA but the store didn't have any at all, (I must do a online shop at some point because hello sale) and I spotted the Prime and Conceal Palette by MUA and I was intrigued. I have so many blemishes on my face that some days I just feel like putting on a paper bag and drawing a face on it. Unwanted red cheeks, purple undereyes, and weird yellow tones around my nose. Please be gone!

I've been using my Prime and Conceal for a few days now and I can honestly say that I love it. I can see my blemishes go away straight after I put it on. I'll explain what each correcting cream colour does as I got a bit confused myself when I first bought it. 

Lilac - Mutes and highlights yellow undertones
Green - Neutralizes and reduces redness
Yellow - Brighten and conceals purple tones
Peach - Adds Radiance
Middle Colour - Highlights

I've used the Green and Yellow the most out of  my palette for my under eyes and various red areas on my face and it works wonders. The Prime and Conceal also comes in individual colours which I will be purchasing soon as I can see myself running out of this palette. Of course you must put your normal concealer and foundation on top to avoid a multi colour complexion. My undereyes are a bit stubborn and the purple didn't want to fade at all so its good to mix some of the colours together to get your desired effect. Overall, I'm super pleased with this product. It's currently on sale at £3 on the website and £4 in stores.

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Leave a Comment below and tell me what is your favourite MUA product?

Pore O'Clock w/ Benefit Cosmetics

Sunday, 8 March 2015

 It's been a while since my last outing to an event! So I quickly jumped at the chance to attend the Pore Party at Madame Koo's in Newcastle, hosted by Benefit Cosmetics. I actually found this through a sponsored ad on facebook and had no idea that Benefit ran a nationwide competition to win a party at your city and Newcastle won! I waited patiently for my invite and I even told my friend, Laura to sign up and come along for a girly night. The Party took place at 4pm till 9pm on the 21st of February and the first 300 people through the door received a party bag, and I was luckily one of the 300. When I got to the door they were asking for ID since the party served alcohol and I panicked as soon as the doorman asked. I didn't wanna be turned away for something I looked forward too all week but I was relieved when asked for my age and I passed as I'm 25. (Good heavens I'm twenty five, where did the years go?) And we grabbed our goody bags and headed downstairs. I've never been to Madame Koo's before and it was a lovely surprise.I didn't take my proper camera so I ended up only taking a few shots on my iphone.

We each got a pink and white token to grab ourselves a complimentary drink on arrival by the Benefit Spy Girls and by 9pm, I had about 7 free drinks and could feel myself getting tipsier. I kept one token as a little reminder. I choose Pink Lemonade and Vodka as I don't really like Gin or Prosecco. One disappointment was the nibbles, they could have been better or at least put out more of that lovely lemon cake.

We first headed over to the benebabes free makeover area, where Laura got her make-up done. I didn't get made over as I was already sporting my benefit roller lash and abit of eyeshadow and was pleased with how I was looking. We were in line for about 45 minutes but every so often, Freya, who was the daughter of Nina (Benefits director of First Impressions), came around with a bag full of samples of PoreProfessional or little goodies to pop into our goodie bags. After Laura got her face on, we headed over to the photobooth for silly photos.

There were chances to win big tins of benefit products but I'm sadly ashamed that I hardly knew anything about certain products and didn't win anything, next time I shall brush up on my knowledge and win all the products! Our tote bags had a mousepad, a notepad, a scarf, a clutch bag and a sample of poreprofessional but at the end of the night I had 3 packets of poreprofessionals, a big coin purse, a drinks token, two photobooth printouts, a pocket mirror and a mini alarm clock.

I enjoyed the event and a big thank you to Benefit for putting on the party.

Benefit's Roller Lash w/ Elle Magazine

Friday, 6 February 2015

I'm no stranger to Benefit's mascaras, unfortunately, I've only ever had the samples from the magazines and this is no exception. I just don't have the money to drop £20 on a mascara even though I absolutely love Benefit's They're Real.
March's edition of Elle magazine saw us rush to the shop ( don't deny it, we all know you did) to try out the newest mascara Roller Lash, which isn't even in shops yet! AND I'M N LOVE.

Unlike They're Real, this brush is curved to allow our lashes to curl without the use of lash curlers ( I hate those things) Although I don't really see a difference, that might be because mine have a natural curl to themselves but don't fret, everyone's eyelashes are different and if this isn't for you then don't worry about it!

I may finally break my own rules and buy this beautiful product. It makes my lashes longer and fuller, just how I like them. It feels nice on my lashes and the wand is my favourite kind. I hate wands that are poofy, is that the right beauty term? I dunno. I'm going with it. I just prefer the skinny wands. It seperates my lashes and this doesn't feel or look clumpy. I found it lasted all day and I cannot fault this mascara. ALL HAIL BENEFIT.

The full sized mascara will be launching at the end of February and will retail for £19.50

Long Lashes
Skinny Wand
Stay Power

X Price
X No difference in Curls


 Have you tried Roller Lash? What is your favourite Benefit product?

Thank you for reading & comments are appreciated!