Benefit's Roller Lash w/ Elle Magazine

Friday, 6 February 2015

I'm no stranger to Benefit's mascaras, unfortunately, I've only ever had the samples from the magazines and this is no exception. I just don't have the money to drop £20 on a mascara even though I absolutely love Benefit's They're Real.
March's edition of Elle magazine saw us rush to the shop ( don't deny it, we all know you did) to try out the newest mascara Roller Lash, which isn't even in shops yet! AND I'M N LOVE.

Unlike They're Real, this brush is curved to allow our lashes to curl without the use of lash curlers ( I hate those things) Although I don't really see a difference, that might be because mine have a natural curl to themselves but don't fret, everyone's eyelashes are different and if this isn't for you then don't worry about it!

I may finally break my own rules and buy this beautiful product. It makes my lashes longer and fuller, just how I like them. It feels nice on my lashes and the wand is my favourite kind. I hate wands that are poofy, is that the right beauty term? I dunno. I'm going with it. I just prefer the skinny wands. It seperates my lashes and this doesn't feel or look clumpy. I found it lasted all day and I cannot fault this mascara. ALL HAIL BENEFIT.

The full sized mascara will be launching at the end of February and will retail for £19.50

Long Lashes
Skinny Wand
Stay Power

X Price
X No difference in Curls


 Have you tried Roller Lash? What is your favourite Benefit product?

Thank you for reading & comments are appreciated!