Pore O'Clock w/ Benefit Cosmetics

Sunday, 8 March 2015

 It's been a while since my last outing to an event! So I quickly jumped at the chance to attend the Pore Party at Madame Koo's in Newcastle, hosted by Benefit Cosmetics. I actually found this through a sponsored ad on facebook and had no idea that Benefit ran a nationwide competition to win a party at your city and Newcastle won! I waited patiently for my invite and I even told my friend, Laura to sign up and come along for a girly night. The Party took place at 4pm till 9pm on the 21st of February and the first 300 people through the door received a party bag, and I was luckily one of the 300. When I got to the door they were asking for ID since the party served alcohol and I panicked as soon as the doorman asked. I didn't wanna be turned away for something I looked forward too all week but I was relieved when asked for my age and I passed as I'm 25. (Good heavens I'm twenty five, where did the years go?) And we grabbed our goody bags and headed downstairs. I've never been to Madame Koo's before and it was a lovely surprise.I didn't take my proper camera so I ended up only taking a few shots on my iphone.

We each got a pink and white token to grab ourselves a complimentary drink on arrival by the Benefit Spy Girls and by 9pm, I had about 7 free drinks and could feel myself getting tipsier. I kept one token as a little reminder. I choose Pink Lemonade and Vodka as I don't really like Gin or Prosecco. One disappointment was the nibbles, they could have been better or at least put out more of that lovely lemon cake.

We first headed over to the benebabes free makeover area, where Laura got her make-up done. I didn't get made over as I was already sporting my benefit roller lash and abit of eyeshadow and was pleased with how I was looking. We were in line for about 45 minutes but every so often, Freya, who was the daughter of Nina (Benefits director of First Impressions), came around with a bag full of samples of PoreProfessional or little goodies to pop into our goodie bags. After Laura got her face on, we headed over to the photobooth for silly photos.

There were chances to win big tins of benefit products but I'm sadly ashamed that I hardly knew anything about certain products and didn't win anything, next time I shall brush up on my knowledge and win all the products! Our tote bags had a mousepad, a notepad, a scarf, a clutch bag and a sample of poreprofessional but at the end of the night I had 3 packets of poreprofessionals, a big coin purse, a drinks token, two photobooth printouts, a pocket mirror and a mini alarm clock.

I enjoyed the event and a big thank you to Benefit for putting on the party.