50 Shades of MAC

Sunday, 12 April 2015

 Pink Nouveau // Coral Bliss // Peach Blossom  MAC Lipsticks* £15.50 each.

A few weeks ago I had been told that I was the winner of Kirsty's MAC giveaway! I didn't just win 1 lipstick, I won three of these bad boys. I was over the moon. Kirsty told me I could choose which colours I wanted and I went with these three beautiful summer shades. Pink Nouveau is a bright satin pink, a shade that I wouldn't normally wear and I will blog about it in a separate post. Coral and Peach are subtle shades of nudes which I adore and go with any outfit that I fling onto myself. (I get dressed in the dark, which is why I'm not a fashion blogger..... kidding!)

I have to admit. I've been pretty lucky with MAC lipsticks. I have a total of 5 lipsticks and all of them I've won. Yep! That's right. I've never bought a MAC lipstick. Mainly because I can't justify buying a £15 lipstick with little money I have but the lipsticks I do have, I love and find myself reaching for them all the time. Maybes one day I will buy one from MAC but I will just enjoy the ones I have now.

What are your favourite shades of MAC Lipstick and have you ever won anything from blog competitions?


  1. wow your lucky to have won 5 i never win anything on blog competitions! haha i love peach blossom it's the most prettiest shade great for everyday! i only have 1 mac lipstick in patisserie its such a pretty shade!

    oliviamulhearn.blogspot.co.uk x

  2. I have nominated you for the liebester award, please check out my blog to get your questions :) x

  3. That's so lucky! Hope you enjoy them al :)


  4. You're soo lucky! I never won anything yet though I join these giveaways from time to time! lolz. My fave MAC at the moment is Russian Red.

  5. its absolutely beautiful jessica. I am crazy about this lipstick and i have the Pink Nouveau which was the gift of my friend and i just love that.

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