Primark's Fast Dry Nail Spray.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

I picked this lil beauty up from a recent shop at primark, you can read about my haul here. It was only 80p and it looked rather intriguing. I'm always wearing nail polish and a spray to make your nail polish dry faster made me curious to see if it actually worked or not. Usually I wear Barry M Nail Polishes as I'm  obsessed with them and they dry pretty quickly when compared to other nail polishes on the market. One layer of Barry M usually only takes a minute or two to dry and thats okay for me, but I have to normally put two to three coats on depending on the colour! And the faster I can do an activity without smudging my nails, the better. 

I simply put on three layers of polish without stopping inbetween to dry and took this spray out and spritzed it on each nail. It says to let it dry for one minute before touching the nail. Now after one minute with three coats of nail varnish on, it's still pretty smudgy but if you watch closely, you can actually see it drying your nails. Yes. I watched paint dry. The spray is what I would describe as an oily texture. It's quite a horrible feeling but it's suppose to give you a glossy look. Which isn't needed with Barry M's gel paints but what the hell. Because of the oily feel, its alittle bit hard to tell if the nail is dry or not. But after two to three minutes, which seemed like a long time, all of my nails were dry and all I had to do was wash off the left over residue.

For three coat of nail varnish all whacked onto a nail and then to dry three minutes later was great!
I'm usually a bit hesitant when it comes to Primark make-up and hair care since I bought hair chalks and they were pretty poop to be honest but since then they've come a long way and I've been loving their make-up range.


- Does what it says on the tin
- only 80p
- Doesn't have a strong smell


- Spray feels oily

Have you tried this Spray? What are your favourite Primark Beauty Buys?

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  1. noo way ?:D omg I love getting good stuff at primark ;D Also love your hair btw :)

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts