Coloured Lenses UK: Brillant Blue Freshlook*

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hello everyone! I have a new pair of contacts to review for you today. As some of you may know, I'm putting together a Gentleman Gnar genderbend cosplay for MCM next year and I need some blue contacts to finish off the look. So when the opportunity to work with Coloured Lenses UK came around, I jumped at the chance. There's something addictive about being able to change your eye colour. It makes such a big difference to your look overall and I love how they look!

About Coloured Lenses UK
Coloured Lenses offer the brand Freshlook colour blend and Fresh Tone. Both with stunning natural colours to make your eyes bright. Colours available are Blue, Brown, Green, Grey and Hazel. They are currently working on getting prescription lenses as well as more colours to choose from and are improving their website.They also sell cute cases to keep your lens in and tweezers to help you pick up the lenses.
If you order over £20, it is free delivery in the UK but shipping is £1 or Next Day Delivery for £6.99! Isn't that a good?!

 Safety First

Please always check with a optician if you have doubts before using contacts, especially if you've experienced irritation before and always follow instructions on how to care for lenses. I use a solution to keep my lenses in to stop them from getting dirty and damaged, Coloured Lenses UK do not offer any Solution with their eye contacts, so you will need to get some before ordering if you haven't already. And it's not wise to wear your coloured cosmetic lenses for more than 8 hours a day unless they are prescribed by your optician.

Brilliant Blue Freshlook 

Price: £16.99
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 55%
Life Span: 1 year

I kindly asked for Blue contacts & they sent me Brilliant Blue Freshlooks , it took less than a week for them to arrive and they came in a bubbled envelope with a free cute lens case. The lens came in a squishy bubble protective packet, unlike the previous lenses I have reviewed which came in a bottle. 

I removed my lenses and placed them in my solution over night. You should leave them in the solution for 8 hours or more before placing them onto your eyes. 
This isn't the first time putting them in, I always struggle but you'll find it quite easy after a few tries. Please don't panic if they slide out, just blink them back into place and check to see if they are the right way up.

I must admit even though these have been put in properly, they do slide on me as you can tell from the photos, my pupil is not center but it's fine as it didn't make a difference to my vision or comfort. They may have been slightly too big. I left them on for a few hours and was quite impressed at how comfy they were and I've had some lovely compliments on them.

You can see a BIG difference between my natural eyes and these blue lenses.

Colour - 5/5
Enlargement - 4/5
Comfort- 4/5
Overall- 4/5

Check Coloured Lenses UK out and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Use "Twitoff" for 10% off your order.

I really want some green lenses to make my natural eyes pop more! Whatcha think? 

*Disclaimer| This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. My thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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