Sunday, 22 November 2015

After getting all 20 of you guys to sign up to the Viewster's Omakase newsetter (well 16 of you but Viewster noticed my efforts and kindly sent one out to me anyway) I finally got the chance to check out the beta box! Thank you so much!

Omakase? What is it & How do you pronounce it?

The Omakase Box is the baby of Viewster (the guys who stream awesome anime, movies and tv shows). This subscription box is the newest box on the block and each month is full of beautiful anime goodies with a theme. It's good to see a box for the anime fans! The omakase box costs $29 per month + shipping and handling and are currently shipping to the US, UK and Canada.


This beta box is themed "back to school, the Alpha box was themed Hatsune Miku and the first box to come out to the public is Kill La Kill themed! The box itself is blue and nicely decorated inside and full of anime goodies. It was like a mini Christmas! Now I have to be honest here, I haven't watched that many anime's. I've seen around 6-8 animes but this box is encouraging me to see more.

So what do you get inside?
- Taiga Kagami plushie from Kuroko's Basketball (Kuroko no Basket)
- Button from Azumanga Daioh
- Love Live! School Idol Project themed notebook
- Soccer Spirits Season 2 character cards
- Mameshiba talking keychains
- Viewster stickers
- Viewster's Oni High Sticker by Devil Paradise
- Viewster's Back to School, Fall Season by Alex Ahad

My favourite things in the box are the Love Live Notebook and the Mameshiba taking keychains. I may give away the plushie and one or two of the keyrings in the future! So keep your eyes peeled.

 If you love Anime and subscription boxes, then you should check out the Omakase Box by Viewster!

Subscribe to Omakase Box Here

 Let me know if you grab a box! I really want to see what is in the Kill La Kill box. Are there any other subscription boxes out there that I should check out?

- Jess

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