Graze Box #1 & £5 Off Voucher!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Ahhhh, we all know the Graze box, we've seen the ads, we've seen the free box codes and we love how much they've grown. I had subscribed to their service a few years back and it's great to see how much they've added to the boxes and the variety of them. I chose to get Graze again because I'm trying to be healthier this year and its just a perfect little snack for when I'm out and about. If you don't know what Graze is (do you live under a rock?) let me tell you abit about them before I go on about how delicious everything is in my box!

Graze deliver a hand picked box straight to your door (perfect letter sized box!) for as little as £3.99 either every week, 2 weeks or monthly. You get to pick what goes into your box using a rating system. Don't like nuts? bin them. Don''t like spicy snacks? bin them. Love chocolate brownies. Give them a heart to let them know you love them in your box! There are so many snacks to choose from and I can guarantee you wouldn't get bored with these boxes! They even ship in the US. ($11.99) Just choose from the drop down at the top of their website!

I got sweet popcorn, jaffa cake flapjack, cinnamon pretzel sticks with cookie dough dip and a rhubard and custard snack pack. The jaffa cake flapjack and cinnamon pretzel sticks were my favourite in this box. I would definitely recommending you try these out in the rating system if you order a box! I've saved the popcorn for when I have a nice night in watching The Vampire Diaries. 

I also have a £5 voucher for anyone who wants a box in the UK. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. So this voucher will run out. Just pop that code in when choosing between a variety, light or protein box. :D  If you miss out on the voucher use my special code to get your 1st,  5th and 10th box for free! Code: 3L4QTDG9P or go to this link! 

I hope you guys try out Graze if you haven't and if you already sub to Graze, what are your favourite snacks to get? Mine would be the banoffee snack, with the toffee sauce and banana flavoured biscuit type things. 

Much Love


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