Monday, 1 February 2016

Ah, Valentine's Day. You're either with it or against it. Another marketing ploy or a day filled with love. I'm not here to have a debate, I'm here to guide you. So you can find a small perfect gesture to say "thank you for not dumping my ass when I farted under the covers and made you smell it" or "This is to tell you that even if Margot Robbie asked me to be her lover, I'd turn her down because you are forever" Soppy shit like that. 

GAMETEEUK| Game Tee have an amazing range of clothing, homeware, accessories and artwork for the gamer in you or your partner. This valentines day get a limited edition candle and card set for £7.99. Let them know you'd always be their player 2. Their candles are made in the UK, are vegan friendly and have a burn time of 25+ hours. (Perfect for those gaming sessions) Plus One is described as a Tibetan Musk, Ylang Ylang with deep undernotes of patchouli oil. Single? Why not just treat yoself??    (Image Credit: Game Tee)

PLAYER NO2 -ETSY| This shop sell's cute cards that you can hand out this Valentines! Cards are priced at £3.27 + £1.53 postage. These are too cute to pass up! Beware - ORDER BEFORE 7th of FEB to ensure it gets to you before Valentines as its based in Austria. Buy it here ----> POKEMON VALENTINES CARD  (Image Credit: PlayerNo2)  

LIFE IS STRANGE| This game. oh my. Get your partner one of the best games of 2015. Relive Max and Chloes best moments. Cry together as you journey though time. Cry some more as you listen to the awesome soundtrack. ALL THE FEELS ON VALENTINES DAY. 

Order the PS4 version from Amazon for £24.99 , PC Version is £14.99

DEADPOOL| What better way to say I love you then a night out at the cinema to watch Ryan Reynolds portraying Deadpool. He'll love the violence, She will love Ryan. It's a win win. I plan on seeing this on Valentine's Day with my other half. So go to your local cinema, pre book some tickets, buy a bag full of snacks because no body is paying £8 for a bucket of popcorn when you can buy a decent packet for £1 and enjoy a night out this valentines day. 

Check your local listings for time and price of tickets.

Have you got any plans this valentines?

Much Love

- Jessica

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