Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Yes. The title of this blog post is from Zenon Girl of the 21st Century. The one Protozoa sings. Leave a comment if you watched this film! <3

I've seen everyone who loves Lush rave about this bath bomb to the moon and back. (space puns, no regrets) I knew I needed Intergalactic as soon as I read the name. I'm obsessed with all things Space-y and not Kevin Spacey. I was so excited to use this in my bath. Now I never used to like baths, I was always a shower kinda gurl but recently I just love to run myself a nice hot bath, read a good book and forget the world.

Intergalactic (I really like that word) is made up of Peppermint Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Vetivert Oil and Cedarwood Oil. Which makes for an amazing bath. My skin never felt so soft and sparkly. (baring in mind this whole bath bomb is full of tiny gold glitter, I thought I was going to come out of the bath looking like Edward Cullen) Of course there is a bunch of other ingredients that make this bath bomb into what it is. Including POPPING CANDY. Yes, you read correctly! See the other ingredients & buy it here

I hope this bath bomb never gets discontinued. I literally stared at my bath for a good five minutes before I got into it and during my bath. I felt like a space princess. I've left you with some photos of what my BB looked like once it hit the water.

What are you favourite bath bombs from Lush?

Goodbye Friends


  1. This looks awesome!
    My favourite Lush bomb is the Golden Wonder Christmas present, I have one left but I can't bring myself to use it and then wait until December for another :O


    1. Thats the only problem with Lush. You have to wait forever for them to come back into season. I shall have to pick that one up in Decemeber :D

  2. Love this bomb! It took forever to remove the glitter from EVERYTHING, not that i'm complaining haha

    Love Vicki |

    1. It wasn't too bad on my skin but holy heck the bottom of my bath looked so weird! :D

  3. This has popping candy in it?! That's awesome! Looks so pretty as well, must try!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog