Sunday, 13 March 2016

Hello! It's been a while since my last blog post, which is the norm here. I wanted to start off with showing off the new layout! I'm still tweeking bits since when I got this layout, half of the code wasn't working but I'm quite happy for now with the way it looks. I'm forever changing my layout!
Anyway, I want you to all meet my kitty cat. You may have noticed photos of him posted around my social media but I want you to  get to know this crazy little fur ball abit more.

What is your pets name? | Zazzles! He was originally named Socks (very original I know) due to his little white paws but the episode where Sheldon gets a ton of cats in The Big Bang Theory was on in the background and he named his cat Zazzles because he was so Zazzy. So we named our little fluff ball Zazzles..

Does your pet have any nicknames? | Mr Snugglebutt, Greedy Bastard, Floofball, Zaz.

What kind of pet is he and what breed? | He's a mixed tabby cat!

How old is your pet and how long have you had your pet friend? | We got Zazzles from a pet shop when he was very young. We've had him for almost three years. I still remember him being able to sit on my chest, now when he does it, he covers my face.

What are some quirky things about your pets personality? | I wouldn't call him quirky but he does eat everything in sight and we give him a voice. I'm hooman momma and Tony is owner number two. Zazzles eats anything and everything. His favourite foods are chicken, kebabs (even though he regrets it), crisps and well anything you're eating. He'll give it a good sniff and lick before telling you he doesn't want to eat it.

He likes bright fluffy toys and occasionally likes to dabble in catnip. He prefers indoors to outdoors as he's always getting himself into trouble with the neighbours cats. Zazzles also has a habit of licking you. He grooms me until he falls asleep, I'm so used to his rough sandpaper tongue that it hardly bothers me, unless I'm trying to fulfill a task. Zazzles will sit with you and watch over you as you do household chores such as dishes and he knows where the ham slices are kept.

He's a very chatty cat. He loves to meow but he lets you sleep. Zazzles doesn't like other hoomans unless you feed him and then he's everyones friend. Apart from children. Zazzles despises children.

Do you have a pet? Tweet me a photo @italktogh0sts

Goodbye Friends!


  1. awesome!! i really enjoied this blog post. Now i know what i should do when I meet Zazzles for the first time, which is feed him some food and let him lick my hand XD

  2. He's just so... Zazzy! Love the TBBT reference, he's beautiful!

    Love Vicki |

  3. He's beautiful and what a great blog post idea!