Books Read; Jan & Feb 2015

Sunday, 10 April 2016

I've always loved books but the last few years I haven't read as many books as I would've liked. So this year I made it a goal to read books that have been untouched on my shelves or finish ones I started and forgot about.  This is what I've read so far this year and I'm still reading a book as I'm writing this. (TMI: City of Lost Souls to be exact) I've also bought a few books, so expect a book haul at some point in the future. :D

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay | I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dexter. This is the first book in the Dexter series and I've only just gotten round to reading it. I adore the TV show and having the comparison is amazing. The tv show did quite well to keep on the same path as the books but being a TV show they did have to lengthen the storylines, which I prefered as I felt the book was alittle short, either that or I flew through it. If you love the TV show but haven't read the books then I suggest you do. Dexter is about a serial killer who works for the miami police department as a blood forensic analysis. Follow his story and he sticks to his code and deals with life. :D

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn | I think this has to be one of my all time favourite book to movie screen adaptations. The movie itself sticks very closely to the book. As for the book, I could not put this down. I actually watched the film beforehand, so I knew the story but being immersed in the world of Amy and Nick was fascinating. Gone Girl is a thriller (a genre which I'm currently loving right now) which focuses on Nick Dunne and his quest to find his missing wife Amy through journal entries from the past and present which are very different from each other. I won't go further into it but you need to read this if you haven't because the twists and turns in this book are hands down, amazing. IF you don't like reading, then please watch the film. You need Gone Girl in your life.

Secrets to the Grave by Tami Hoag | Secrets to the Grave is the second book in the Oak Knoll series by Tami Hoag. Another thriller book. This revolves around a child who is found next to her mother, who was murdered for unknown reasons & who leads a very private life which sees her murder investigation become difficult to solve. The first book, Deeper than the Dead follows teacher Anna and detective Mendez as they try and track down a serial killer and uncovering town secrets along the way. Secrets to the Grave follows on from that and is concluded in Down the Darkest Road (which I will be buying next)

The City of Bones + The City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare | I've had these books lying around my house for quite sometime now and they've sparked my love of reading again. I remember watching the film and quite enjoying it despite what critics say. These books now have a special place in my heart. The Mortal Instrument series follows Clary Fairchild and the secret world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders. From epic loves (Alec and Magnus forever <3 ) to crazy story line plots. I can never put these down and I'll be sad when I finish the 6th book. But I do have The Infernal Devices and Lady Midnight to read as well. I might do a separate post all about my love for this series once I've read them all.

This Book Loves You by PewDiePie | HOWS IT GOING BROS? My lovely friend Feras bought me this as a gift and I loved flicking through this. Just a collection of some of the stupidest shit Felix has ever said on Youtube with awesome graphics and photographs. This is one for the coffee table.

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg | I got sucked into the Zoella spell. I actually got this book last year from Christmas and never bothered to open it until now. It's a very easy read and it seems liked the most rushed book ever written. I didn't think much of it to be honest. Will I read the second book? Probably.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

I've set up a GOOD READS account if you would like to add me then you can here. I have set a challenge of reading 85 books this year.:D


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