Monday, 11 April 2016

If your anything like me when it comes to nail polish, I like to match the colours with the seasons! And Spring is one of my favourite seasons and colour palettes. Essence have a wonderful colour range, available in Wilkos in the UK and I think they've just branched out into Target in the US. I chose a few of my favourite colours to wear during the sunny but chilly days!

Out of all of the colours Serendipity and Dare it Nude are my favourites and most used. I find Essence nail polishes to tend to chip after a few days but I'm sure they will last longer with a base and top coat but for the price tag they are perfect little pots of varnish to collect.

Anyone else just love nail polish names? :D

Each nail polish cost £1.60 and you can buy them here or at Wilkos!


What are some of your favourite nail polish names?

Goodbye Friends

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  1. Oh wow these are so cute!!
    I hope I can find some, the purple is especially lovely :O