Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I have so many wishlists for so many things that it's beyond crazy but these are the main things (apart from a Gaming PC) that I need in my life.
I really want to stream Overwatch on the PS4 with some sort of chat, because I don't have a PS4 camera to chat to people with. So that's my reason for wishing for this.
Jessica Nigri is voicing the dub of Super Sonico on this game and I NEED it. I'll always support Jessica plus I want to be able to stream this on Twitch too!
I've wanted an Instax since I saw one. I want to take cosplay Polaroids for my patreon and for whenever I go to various Comic Cons.
Charlie is one of my favourite secondary characters in Supernatural and I would like a mini version of her for my pop collection. 
Box lights are perfect for whenever I need extra light when streaming or so I can record youtube videos at whatever time of the day as sunlight is limited and lastly some cheap eyeshadows and brushes for cosplay make up!

I have uses for mostly everything in my wishlist! :D 

What are you lusting over lately?

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  1. Hey! I love all the things on your wishlist, but I came onto your blog because I saw your blog name and loved it! Keep up the great work xx