Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I recently wrote about Graze here and since then, every two weeks, I get a lovely box of snacks to munch on. If you don't know what Graze is, Graze deliver a hand picked box straight to your door (perfect letter sized box!) for as little as £3.99 either every week, 2 weeks or monthly. You get to pick what goes into your box using a rating system. Don't like nuts? bin them. Don''t like spicy snacks? bin them. Love chocolate brownies. Give them a heart to let them know you love them in your box! There are so many snacks to choose from and I can guarantee you wouldn't get bored with these boxes! They even ship in the US. ($11.99) Just choose from the drop down at the top of their website!

All but the Lemon Slice (which is so tasty but I haven't tried the tea as I'm very picking about what tea I drink)  are new to me and they look delicious. I've asked graze to send some of their Japanese soups soon too as I'm very curious about them. So expect a blog post in the next few weeks. :D

Here are my first impressions, starting with the savory then the sweet.

EVERYTHING BAGEL |  Are made up of poppy seeds and onion sesame sticks. Perfect fibre snack and under 150 calories. On first tasting they are very crunchy, you can definatly taste the poppy seeds and onion. If you not a big fan of any of these things then choose to bin it. I don't think these snacks are for me and I'l mark them down as Bin. I do find mini sticks adorable.

MY THAI | Sweet Chilli sauce with baked soy bites. OMG these are so nice. The soy bites have a little crunch to them and the sweet chilli sauce gives them a nice kick of flavour and they are only 84 calories and perfect for snacking on at work! These are a "like" and I will be getting them again in future boxes.

CHOCOLATE TEA CAKE | Made up of mini choco cookies, vanilla marshmallows, cranberries and strawberry drops. The only thing that makes it resemble a tea cake is the cookie. Overall very tasty and satisfies a sweet tooth.

If you would like a box for FREE ; use my code! 

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  1. It all looks so yummy!! I love that they sent a little tea bag too, that's so adorable :3

    Shame you didn't like the bagel sticks though, but it's an interesting concept!
    Can't beat a warm bagel though, with plenty of butter... :Q


    1. I'm not a big fan of poppy seeds. haha but they do mini baguettes with other dips and they are quite yummy. :D