I CAN DO ZAT!: Remembering Anton Yelchin

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

"I am not afraid of Death. Course, I'm not ready to go on a date with him, either." - Odd Thomas

I wanted to write this post because every time I log into Facebook, I'm always reminded of his death. I'm a bit late in posting this but his funeral was on the 24th. Anton Yelchin died on Sunday the 19th of June 2016. By a freak accident that involved his car. He was 27 years old. And probably one of my favourite actors of this generation. Why am I writing about him? Well to be truthful, I don't know. I had no connection to him other than watching his work. I didn't know him personally and I had never met him face to face. If 2016 could stop taking beloved shining stars that would be awesome. Fuck you 2016.

It's a tragedy that struck me in the heart more than I thought it would. His name was trending on Twitter. And I was curious. Not many people know who Anton Yelchin was. He's the "new Chekov from Star Trek" So seeing him trending was cute, then I clicked and the feeling came crashing down. "Anton Yelchin Dies"

I've never been so distraught over an actor's death before, I was sad to see Heath Ledger, David Bowie etc died but Anton's gave me a kick in the stomach and a blow to the heart.  I had only watched Odd Thomas and Alpha Dog back to back the other week. He was a phenomenal actor who needs more recognition than being Chekov, I mean he's adorable in Star Trek but that isn't what he should just be known for. He was also in the new film Green Room, Burying the Ex (not his best but he makes it watchable), The Smurfs (he voices Clumsy), Odd Thomas, Fright Night, Like Crazy, Rudderless, Terminator Salvation ( he played Kyle Reese), Charlie Bartlett, Alpha Dog and various TV Shows and other films.
Yelchin also enjoyed playing the guitar and even had a band. You can see him play guitar in some of his films. He was born in Russia to parents Irina and Viktor, who were both figure skaters. Anton said that he was wasn't very good at figure skating and an actor was born. I also adore his russian/american accent. Its one of the things that drew me into watching his films.

I also want to point out a photo that has been going around of Anton apparently helping a momma duck and her babies cross a road. This was photoshopped. It was a set photo. As much as I want to love the duck photo, it never happened. But have a cute photo of Anton and a dog instead. <3

There was something about him that I really liked. And if we had known each other IRL. We probably would have been friends. Every quote about him from a friend or collegue says he was kind, lovable, caring and funny. This breaks my heart that not only has hollywood lost a great actor but the world has lost a beautiful angel. Seeing all these tweets from people he's worked with was a tear jerker, from his best friend Kat Dennings, to my favourite actress and his fellow co-star Milla Jovovich to his Trekkie companions. My heart hurts for them. And my heart goes out to, of course, Irina and Viktor.

Have some cute gifs of Anton!

It has been reported that the new Star Trek film ;Beyond will have a tribute for Anton at the end of the film

May we meet each other in another life.

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