Tuesday, 7 June 2016

I've never seemed to have needed to "chisel" out my cheekbones due to the fact I have high cheekbones anyway but contouring is a thing and I needed to be in on the thing. So I bought Collections Contour and Highlight palette. And I'm currently wanting more highlighters in my make-up collection. I've never seemed to take an interest in highlighting my cheeks before. Until now.

I bought this palette in Light as I'm so pale anything darker would probably make my face look ridiculous. On first impressions, the contour was easy to blend &  I believe you can build this up for more of an intense sculpt and the highlighter was very subtle on my skin. I prefer not to glow like a lighthouse or sparkle like a Cullen vampire right now, maybes when I'm more confident sculpting my face. A sentence that I thought only clay artists would say, I'll branch out into more highlighters and shine like a star.

You get quite a good amount of product for the price, I think I paid under £5 for this I can't remember but it's currently on sale over at Boots. I'm becoming a fan of Collection's products. The staple item being their concealer and I quite like this contour palette, of course I will have to buy more palettes for "research" purposes ;)

What are your favourite highlighters and contour products? What should I pick up?

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