Saturday, 11 June 2016

Of course there are many many many more films that I love but these are the most watched films in my entire life.


Luc Besson's 1997 cult classic starring Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman. Set in the distant future. A cabbie driver named Korben Dallas meets the beautiful and strange Leeloo. Who is the ultimate weapon in the fight against evil.
This is my ULTIMATE ALL TIME FAVOURITE FILM. I can literally quote word for word (even the divine language which Leeloo speaks) I fell in love with this the first time I watched it. I'm pretty sure I saw this in the cinema when it first came out, then I became obsessed with this film. (I also have the book, the PS1 Game and I'm starting to collect pop vinyls and I really want the action figures too!) And Milla Jovovich is also one of my all time favourite actress too. I did develop a crush on Bruce Willis during this but he was just a childhood crush! Watch this film if you love weird fashion, milla jovovich in white bandages, if you think chicken is good and a futuristic setting. I love watching this film in any mood. It always cheers me up.

2. Practical Magic ~ WITCH WITCH YOU'RE A BITCH

Based on the book with the same name, Practical Magic is about two sisters who happen to be magical and how they overcome their curse, for any man that should fall in love with an Owen witch, will die. The music has got to be one of my favourite scores in a film. And I dreamed that I could live in the Owen's house. It reminded me of the tv show Charmed and the house just screamed magic. I can tell you right now that this is another movie that I could say word for word. I adore Sandra Bullock as Sally Owens. I couldn't imagine anyone else being that character. Go watch this if you love magic and MIDNIGHT MARGARITAS. :D


Another movie I can say word for word. This is my go to summer film. I was obsessed with this film when it came out. I know ALL THE CHEERS. And a little bit of me wanted to be a cheerleader. Actually I think I just wanted to be Missy aka Eliza Dushku. This has an awesome soundtrack, sassy cheers and amazing dance moves. Kristen Dunst is Cheer Captain and A PAIN IN MY ASS. Sorry I channeled my inner Courtney. (I also love that three of the actresses in this film were also on Buffy The Vampire Slayer!) anyway, Torrence played by Kristen needs to win national cheerleading championships and the Clovers are the biggest competition they have, finding out the previous cheer captain STOLE all their routines, Torrence has to start from the bottom up and work her way to the finales with her team. Say it with me now... I SAID BUURRR ITS COLD IN HERE THERE MUST BE SOME TORROS IN THE ATMOSPHERE. You'll love this film if you like Cheerleaders, sassy cheers, dancing, fast pace music and SPIRIT FINGERS.


I have a thing for movies with witches in them. Oh and TV shows. I just want to be magical. And this film of course has to be one of my favourites (and lets not forget Hocus Pocus) The Craft also features a memorable song... You know. THE CHARMED THEME. I also had strange girl crush for Fairuza Balk. who played crazy Nancy. Did you know that the wiccan book store was actually bought by Fairuza. She owned it before selling it a few years later. Fairuza is also a wiccan irl. The Craft also got me into researching Wicca when I was younger and for a few years I followed the ways of the Wiccans. But then a group of girls in my high school found out and well that was the end of that. Sometimes I still whip out my tarot cards though. The Craft is about 3 girls who are looking for a 4th witch to make their group stronger. When Sarah comes along she joins their group. But soon everything starts to go wrong. If you love witches gone wild & LIGHT AS A FEATHER STIFF AS A BOARD GAMES then this is for you. Come on, who didn't try this is high school. Chant with me now.


I had such a girl crush for Thora Birch (who plays Jane)  and a bit of a thing for Wes Bentley (He plays the weird boy next door who has an abusive father) because of this film. Also Thora Birch is such an underrated actress. I wish she had more movie roles. (She's in Hocus Pocus and Ghost World) And I've seen quite a few Wes films and more recently he was in American Horror Story.
I have no idea what attracted me to this film and why it still makes me wanna re watch it over and over again. It's basically about a man (Lester) who starts having a "mid life crisis" and has a huge boner for his daughters best friend.  That would be Kevin Spacey and he is amazing in this film. It also has that infamous scene of rose petals falling from the sky and surrounding Angela (thats Jane's best friend and Lesters infatuation) I think I adore the relationship that develops between Jane and boy next door Ricky. Ricky points out that its better to be weird than it is to be ordinary. EMBRACE YOUR WEIRDNESS.  Watch this film if you love Rose Petals, Home Videos, Masturbation and PLASTIC BAGS FLOATING IN THE AIR.

What are your top 5 films to watch?


  1. I love 2, 3 and 4 sooo much! I haven't heard of the first or last one though, will have to add those to my list x

    Tamz |

  2. 5th Element and Bring it on are some pretty good movies