Thursday, 30 June 2016

You can find part one of my collection here! Where you got to see Garrus, Buffy and Cosima. In this part, I get to show you some of my all time favourite funkos. Moxxi, Leeloo and Claptrap..

MOXXI & CLAPTRAP Let's talk about the Borderland funkos first. I LOVE the game Borderlands and apart from Tiny Tina (who doesn't have a pop vinyl yet, funko needs another set of Borderlands pops!) Moxxi and Claptrap are probably my favourite characters in the Borderlands franchise. Mad Moxxi, a sassy & sexy barmaid and Claptrap for being a lovable but annoying pizza partying robot. Both of these pop vinyls were gifted to me by friends and they sit happily on my Borderlands book shelf, which also includes a talking claptrap, a badge and graphic novels.I'd like to point out that this is the Moon Moxxi version. Well, it's suppose to be, Mad Moxxi is  usually purple but I would like to see Funko, cell shade their pop vinyls. They would look amazing if they were.

LEELOO | Since The Fifth Element is my all time favourite film ever, it's only fair that I have memorabilia for that film, now there isn't anything out there apart from the soundtrack, book and the odd film reel photo frames and posters, but funko brought out pop vinyls and classic action figures of the iconic characters from the film. I obviously had to get Leeloo. You can also get white bandage Leeloo too but I will be collecting them all from the TFE set. Leeloo was also gifted to me and she's adorable and one of my favourite pop vinyls in my collection. Also can we talk about how CUTE her Multipass is?!?! :D

Which one's are your favourites so far?

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  1. The Fifth Element is one of my favourite films too and that Leeloo Pop is so cute! I need it, great post lovely!

    Ella xx