Saturday, 4 June 2016

Primark have a new range out called PS.. PRO. And I snapped up a Colour Corrector Concealer from the range. They do have chubby CC sticks as well for a cheaper price (by £1)  and I did pick up the Under Eye Stick as you can see from my mini haul post and I will review that later too!

I suffer from terrible redness in my cheeks and just above my jaw line. Some say I have a "natural blush" I say I look like a tomato. So thank whoever made colour correctors because everyone should have one, whether its for under the eyes, clearing up blotchy yellow spots or getting rid of those rosy red cheeks, you need a CC in your life.

This long wear corrector is a thick consistency and does the job. But gurl, BLEND BLEND BLEND. When I first put this on my red areas I looked like Fiona from Shrek. I then blended it with my foundation which took some time as the texture was like paint. It dried far too quickly by the time I blended it but success! I manage to get rid of my bright red cheeks. No one wants to go out looks a jealous orge. Once you work with it though, its a pretty good concealer. It does what it says on the box. And a little goes a long way. Would I repurchase? Probably.


Cover's redness very well
Stays on for a while
The Price


Drys fast
Hard to blend
Pigmented but once blended with foundation, looks fine.

What are your favourite CC's?


  1. Never seen this in there, will have to look next time i'm in. It sounds really good for the price i'll make sure I blend it straight away haha. Thanks for sharing!

    Beth | xx

    1. Yes! Blending is your best friend. haha. I wanna see your thoughts on it if you do decide to grab it next time your in store.