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"Internet phenomenon The Guild comes to comics, courtesy of series creator, writer, and star Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)! Chronicling the hilarious on- and offline lives of a group of Internet role-playing gamers, the Knights of Good, The Guild has become a cult hit, and is the winner of numerous awards from SXSW, YouTube, Yahoo, and the Streamys. Now, Day brings the wit and heart of the show to this graphic-novel prequel. In this origin tale of the Knights of Good, we learn about Cyd's life before joining the guild, how she became Codex, her awful breakup with boyfriend Trevor, and how she began to meet the other players who would eventually become her teammates."

Are you a fan of gaming? MMOs? World of Warcraft? Well The Guild is for you. Perhaps you should watch the web series too! This graphic novel is a prequel to the web series by Felicia Day. (who as you know is one of my role models) The writing is exactly what I expected from Felicia. It's as good as the series.
We meet characters that were not in the series like Trevor. Trevor is a douchebag boyfriend who only cares about his band, uses Cyd for her musical talents and brain and doesn't support her at all but don't worry there is a twist to Trevor at the end. Cyd is still loveable & geeky and reading Felicia's memoir then reading this made me realize how much she put herself into the role.
After the web series finished, I'm glad this graphic novel exists. It's like having a new episode to see! It's only 80 pages long. I read it within about an hour, put it down and now I want to read the second novel. I actually bought this second hand on amazon but you can buy it new. So my love for Felicia & Codex continues...

Title: The Guild
Author: Felicia Day
Pages: 79
Format: Paperback
Published: 2010
Publisher: Dark Horse
Buy It: Amazon

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