Monday, 11 July 2016

You all know Katy Perry. She needs no introduction but did you know she collaborated with Cover Girl and made her own Matte Lipsticks called Katy Kat Matte. ( HOW CUTE IS THAT NAME?!) Covergirl claim their lippys are a purrfect collection of velvety soft lipsticks with a demi matte finish. There are eleven shades but I only got four. They retail at $7.99 but prices vary.
Since these are not in the UK yet I asked my friend Kristen if she would nip to the shop for them and I would pay her for the lipsticks and shipping. Sometimes having friends overseas helps alot! :D

Firstly can we talk about the shades I picked out! I think I picked the perfect colours for everyday wear. I'm obsessed with Kitty Purry. Catoure is alot darker than it looks on the website which isn't a bad thing and Secondly the packaging is cute and simple. I love the little kitty ears next to the names and the packaging has a nice velvety feel to it. :D

The texture of these lipsticks is a moisturizing matte, cover girl describe this as demi mattes due to there semi matte texture when applied but with the feeling of creaminess when your lips are pressed together. They are pigmented and they do last longer than normal lipsticks. It's a little bit misleading to call them a matte as they are not the type of matte that are used in liquid lipsticks. There are many more colours in the collection including shades of nudes, blue & berry tones. A little something for everyone.

CATOURE | Is a beautiful brown toned mauve. This colour would fit all skin types and is perfect for that daytime/nighttime look.

SPHYNX | is a lighter nude and such a beautiful shade on the lips. This is a perfect every day wear for people who don't want a bright colour on their lips but want that little something something

KITTY PURRY | Is a beautiful pinky nude. In fact this is a pink shade that I want on my lips all day everyday. I've finally found a pink lipstick that I adore. I feel as if this is my " your lips but better" lipstick. Apparently this is also Katy's favourite shade.

COSMO KITTY| When picking out the shades I wanted, I decided on a shade that I'm not used to wearing but would love to wear in photos or in streams. And this beautiful lilac shade was a winner. It's for sure a shade I wouldn't normally reach for in everyday wear but I'll give it a go. Plus I love this shade of purple. This one takes a little bit more application as it can be patchy and for that sharp shape perhaps a lip liner would help too.


- Cute packaging
- Moisturizing
- Pigmented
- Long lasting

CONS </3

- Not available in the UK
- Misleading name

Will you grab your hands on some cover girl lippys & If you already owe some what do you think of them?


  1. Why did I not know about these?! I love the fact all the shades are about cats, these sound perfect. I love the look of kitty purry. Thanks for sharing :)

    Beth | Polishedcouture.wordpress.com xx

  2. I can't even begin to express how adorable these are! I love the whole cat concept and I can tell it's marketed towards all the cat lovers - I'm sold! My favourite has got to be Sphynx, I agree with you that it's the perfect everyday nude.

    Sophie - eselle x