Tuesday, 2 August 2016

This book had me very intrigued from the start. (Also enjoy my use of gifs)

I'm obsessed with reading crime thrillers and this one ticked the boxes. Although some parts were hard to read due to the graphic detail of rape ( I felt like I was reading Game of Thrones) & other parts seemed slow and unnecessary (Such as Charlotte's sex stories),

I really enjoyed reading it. All is Not Forgotten is narrated by a psychiatrist, which actually confused me in the first chapter and I wasn't sure who was narrating but I realized before he introduced himself. (face palm).

Set in Connecticut, USA. Dr Forrester tells the story of rape victim, Jenny ,who is trying to remember the attack, as well as her family and several other characters. The doctor helps his patients get back their memories after an experimental drug that wipe memories after trauma goes wrong.  (the author does state that this is fiction and this drug does not currently exist)
This is the stuff of nightmares...a girl goes to a party, gets brutally raped and attacked in the woods. How does someone get over such a horrible event? Erase those memories, move on and act like everything is okay. WRONG. Jenny can't forget, piece by piece her memories of that night come back to her. Haunting her. How can she make sense of her pain without her memories? Cue Dr Forrester.

Charlotte and Tom are Jenny's parents. Tom is obsessed with finding her rapist, while Charlotte carries on with her life in denial. Many secrets come to light, secrets that could destroy a family home. Charlotte is my least favourite in the book, Dr Forrester being the other. For various reasons that I won't spoil here, but people who have read the book will know why.

Also how could Jenny's family just say yes to erasing her memories?! I certainly wouldn't like someone erasing my memories no matter how horrifying the trauma was.
For the majority of the book, I could see what was coming next but the last few chapters snuck up on me and then I had a "holy freaking christimas cake" moment at the end.

It's dark twists and turns kept me wanting to read more and more. The characters were well written. Dr Forrester was a huge dick at times and I really loved the relationship between Jenny and an ex soldier who is also a patient of Dr Forresters. The story makes you also think "what would I do if I was {insert character here}?"

For a debut thriller, Wendy really pulled out all the stops. This is a book for your "To Read List"

Many thanks to Cara Johnson / HarperCollins UK who provided an early ARC for me to read. 

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