Monday, 15 August 2016

HOW PHOTOGENIC IS ALL THIS PACKAGING?! Also I was swarmed by bees while taking these photos! The price of blogging. I guess they just wanted all the yummy goodies inside the box!
Tokyo Treat is a japanese candy subscription box straight from Japan delivered to your door. You can choose from three plans, Small for $14.99 a month, Regular for $24.99 and Premium for $34.99, (which is the one I have) Premium is everything you get in small and regular with a drink and extras included. There were sixteen items in the premium box. Each month has a theme and August was the month of Tropical Fruits! Each part of this post will show you what goodies you would have gotten if you choose other plans. :D Also this post is very photo heavy. :D Look at all the cute packaging! <3 I was planning on doing a video unboxing but we started to eat some of the stuffs and then I decided it would be easier to blog than attempt to pronounce some of the brands in a video :P

If you had chosen a SMALL box this month, you would have gotten the following!

Torotto Chocolate Mango Flavour | These are bite sized square chocolate crunchy cups with a sharp mango cream inside. Super yummy & I rate these 9/10
Mugipon Milk Coffee Chocolate Flavour| Wheat snacks that double up as a cereal, exactly like a sugar puff. As I really like coffee flavoured things I rate these a 7/10
Watermelon Flavour Gummy| OMG I love these little watermelon gummy sweets. Its literally like biting into a watermelon. 10/10
Wasabi Potato Chips| I don't like wasabi. I really didn't like the taste of these. interesting but not for me, 0/10
Pretz Honey Roast Flavor| Subtle sweet taste. I enjoyed snacking on these and that packaging give me the giggles. 5/10

If you bought the REGULAR box this month you would have gotten everything in the SMALL box and these too!

Dodoto tsubupyon grape DIY kit| I have yet to do this DIY, i'm saving it for a video with another DIY kit that I have. I'm probably gunna tell you now that I won't like this due to it being grape flavour but I will still try it. :D Basically this kit makes gummy balls with a grape soda foam dip.
Seven Stick Milk Chocolate Flavour| These are wafer sticks filled with milk cream. So yummy! I give these a 7/10
Pachi Pachi Panic Poppin Candy Grape Flavour| Yack! I said before that I don't like fake grape flavour. I did like the fact that it came with little candies and not just popping candy. :D 1/10
Jibanya Chocolate Monaka| Monaka are popular snacks in Japan and I can tell why. These are made from an airy wafer (like ice cream cones) and this one is filled with milk chocolate. Kinda looks like an areo chocolate bar inside. These are super yummy! 7/10
Watermelon Chewing Gum| It's watermelon flavoured gum, not much to say about this. but there are little candies inside that are shaped like watermelon seeds for the authentic look. Flavour lasted a while. 5/10
Chocobi Watermelon Flavour| I wasn't too keen on these. You could hardly taste the chocolate but there was a cute sticker inside so that made up for the lack of chocy taste. I also loved the shape of these. I wasn't expecting pink stars. <3 5/10

 If you bought the PREMIUM box like me, you would have gotten everything from SMALL and REGULAR with these too!

Pokemon Plate Key Chain| This was one of two special items in this months box. With all the hype around PokemonGo this little key chain is perfect for collectors. I got a mega mewtwo. I'm a happy trainer. 10/10
Watermelon Salt Fanta| I wasn't too sure about this at the start, its a bloody good thing that I quite like watermelon. This is the second special item this month and yes you read that correctly, Watermelon Salt Fanta, a refreshing watermelon flavour with a hint of salt which apparentely helps prevent heat stroke. 8/10
Hoppechan Gummy Cherryblossom Flavour| These little gummys are probably one of my favoruite things in this box. I was expecting a flowery taste but they taste of cherrys and anything that tastes like cherrys is a winner in my mouth. ALSO HOW FRICKIN CUTE IS THE PACKAGE (I know all of it is cute but c'mon) 10/10
Rice Cracker with Plum Jam| I have yet to try this but since I don't really like plums and according to the leaflet, the jam is sour, its also in a separate packet too. I'm not getting my hopes up about this rice cracker. I'll report back later.
Buttery Rusk Snacks| I quite liked these buttery rusk snacks. Nothing too WOW. If you like buttery things, this one is for you! :D 6/10

Overall I really liked this box! I would definitely choose the premium box every time, you get so many snacks to munch on for a good price. It also came within two weeks of the shipping date. Shipping is always free no matter where you live and you can cancel your subscription anytime. :D

Have you tried Tokyo Treat? What other Japanese Sub Boxes should I try?!

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  1. Looks like a decent box! I was tempted to get this one for that soda, it just looked so interesting :O