Monday, 28 November 2016

As I'm currently typing this I have a cup of tea waiting for me on the table and the Practical Magic soundtrack blasting through my speakers. Singing along to Stevie Nicks just reminds me of how much I adore this film & how much I'd love to live in a world filled with real magic. Now that I have some free time on my hands, I might as well dive back into blogging while job hunting. I was going to put some washing on. I'm procrastinating. Shhh.

As some of you know I had a job a few days ago. 23rd of November became a very good contender for being the worst day this year for me. Not only did I get stuck in a Metro for three hours due to an overhead line come crashing down on top of the metro and bringing it to a halt, I also got fired from my job that I had for around three months. ( three seems to be a recurring theme here & just before christmas too..those bastards) Also not knowing what was happening on the Metro, was very frightening.
Now, you were probably thinking, they can't fire you over being late because of something that was out of your control. No, they didn't. And the reason they gave was utter bullshit too. I won't go into details on here. The situation sucked and it was all down to someone wanting power & I got caught in the crossfire. I don't know what is going to happen to that person but it's nice to hear that people gave a shit about me in the workplace. Little old me causing unintentional trouble wherever I go.

"PUT THE LIME IN THE COCONUT" Sorry, Harry Nilsson's Coconut song came on Spotify. Right, where was I?

The future? Onwards & upwards. I don't wanna be a cleaner for the rest of my life (which was what I was doing for 12 hours most days) and I don't really have a dream. (Does being a Twitch Streamer count??) Come to think of it, my dreams were those generic types of dreams when we are younger. Doctor, Teacher, Police Woman, Lara Croft... Hey I really wanted to be an archaeologist. Maybes not so much now, I'll just play Tomb Raider & Uncharted to fulfil my need to dig up rocks. Right now, I have no idea what I want to do or become in my life. I guess I've always wanted to be a photographer, but being a photographer in this day and age is a tough gig and hey ho, I still have anxiety. So there's that hurdle to over come. Is Crazy Cat Lady an option?

Sitting here listening to various "folk/witchy" music is actually giving me some inspiration. I also found a new favourite song by First Aid Kit. If you like this kind of music, then enjoy!

I'm kinda inspired to take up Tarot Reading. I used to love doing it when I was a teenager. There is also something magical looking about Ouija boards. (I want all the things with an ouija on for christmas, please and thank you) I just wanted to say that. Who else has weird obsessions? And does anyone know where I can get a beautiful set of tarot cards? I have a deck but I want a new set. aha. I'm also inspired to do a "winter" clean. Get rid of shit around the house, restock my cupboards and decorate my house in fairy lights, ready for christmas. 

2017 goals? 
- To get back into streaming, buying a beautiful PC right now has been put on a back burner until I find a new job, but I guess I could always stream Stardew Valley or a very low running game for now but I don't wanna be stuck playing games that I won't enjoy. I feel like no one is getting the full potential from me on Twitch. And I really want to stream the games I fangirl over.
- Stay on top of my weight. I've lost so much in these past few months that I don't wanna gain it back
- Go on more Adventures & do more of what I love regardless of what people think.
- Not be so lazy.

Let's make this Christmas amazing and have a kick ass 2017. 

Since writing this, I've been given inspiration, found a new band that I wanna listen to and I've made my first post in a few months.

Much Love,

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