2017 GOALS

Saturday, 7 January 2017

2017. Time for all the "New Year, New Me" bull posts around social media. To hell with that. If I want to change something about me, I'll start on a Monday (lol, but seriously I end up doing this all the time and I need to stop) I'm going to carry on eating all the wrong foods that taste so right because life is too short to worry about things like that. I already hate 2017 because it's my birthday on the 16th of Jan and well I still feel like I should be twenty but the truth is I'm much closer to thirty then I want to be. Oh well.
Here are some of the goals I want to achieve during this year.

{x} Build a PC and start streaming games again
{x} Get help for anxiety, again.
{x} Take up a new art hobby. ie; watercolouring 
{x} Make more sexy times with the hubby
{x} Get a new tattoo and my ears pierced
{x} Catch up on Supernatural
{x} Make an effort to talk to friends IRL and Online.
{x} Boost my body confidence
{x} Cook more
{x} Get a job I like
{x} But follow my dreams of being in the gaming industry somehow

Obviously I have many little goals but these are my main goals to achieve and I really want to work hard on achieving them. Wish me luck.

Are you hoping to achieve any goals this month or year? 

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