Tuesday, 31 January 2017

All products shown in photos

Foundation - Rimmel Match Perfection in "Porcelain"
Concealer - Collection in "Fair"
Contour & Highlight - Collection Contour Kit
Eyebrows - MUA 
Mascara - Primark
Eyeliner - NYX
Eyeshadow - Makeup Revolution Iconic 3
Lips - Carmex 
Eyebrow Brush - Primark
Face Brushes - eBay
Blender - B.
Powder - Makeup Revolution in "Translucent"

wearing Katy Perry's Matte Lipstick on the lips
Most of my makeup is cheap drugstore products, ranging from collection, primark and makeup revolution. They are also very loved and used almost daily, hence why most of the labels have been rubbed off and my grubby finger marks are all over the packaging. When I do treat myself to more expensive make-up, I wouldn't necessarily use it daily so I'm happy to have cheaper products that don't break the bank and most importantly.... work.

I'm quite pale and finding foundation that is in my budget range is a hassle, but Rimmel are my go to foundation, I've watched countless beauty you tubers who swear by this drugstore foundation and I've used it for quite a while now. I only tried out my concealer due to zoella making it her trusty pal and I've tried various others and cannot part with mine. I don't have a primer right now but I usually just make sure I've cleaned and moisturised my skin beforehand. I'm on the look out for one so comment below your favourites so I can make my bank account cry.
I rarely contour or highlight but when I do, I normally reach for Collections sculpt kit. You can find my thoughts on it here , mainly because its subtle and goes well with my skin tone.

I'm a very big fan of a neutral eye. And makeup revolutions iconic two palette is one of my favourites to use, you can check out my review here
I'm currently going through a primark mascara which has a wand that I love and the formula works well on my lashes. I used to use benefit's roller lash until I couldn't afford it since I use mascara literally everyday. I'm also on the hunt for a nice brown mascara, I adore having bold black lashes but sometimes I just want to tone it down.
Eyeliner is another product I live for and I'm currently using NYX. I need more NYX in my life. 
I sculpt my eyebrows using the MUA dark shade palette and I've used this for a good while now. I've gone through about 3 of these, maybes its time for a change. I set everything with my Makeup Revolution translucent powder. It's my only powder at the moment. I've never lived.
I'm also a huge matte lipstick fan but I usually take care of my lips with some Carmex during the day and Burt's Bees in the evening.

My brushes are from eBay and work just as well as some of the more expensive tools out there but my sponge is from B Cosmetics. I've heard people rave about Real Techniques but a poor af beauty lover like me needs something alittle bit cheaper and I love this blender!

Of course my makeup changes when I've used something up and it's not always the same after a month or two. But this is my current go to make-up for everyday use. 

Do you have a favorite product that you won't live without?

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