Saturday, 18 February 2017

There is something about a graveyard that I love. Maybe's its the peacefulness, the pretty graves or I'm just morbid af but I really enjoyed walking though this big cemetery in South Shields to do a little bit of pokemon hunting and I snapped a couple of photos too! It was such a foggy day yesterday morning, it made this cemetery a little more eerie then normal. I saw a grey squirrel and heard a few woodpeckers and watched the diggers clear some earth for a fresh grave. People always found it strange that graveyards never bothered me. 

Here are some photo's I took before hunting for Gen 2 Pokemon which dropped that day too!

Before we started hunting for Gen 2 Pokemon we evolved Tony's eevee's into an Espeon and Umbreon, I did this a little bit later during the day.
This is what we caught during our 3 hours of walking and hunting. Our biggest catch was Xatu which is an evolve of Natu. Now... I must admit, I have no idea what Pokemon is what after Gen 1. Mainly because I wasn't a big pokemon fan when I was younger. I'm literally doing this to catch cute pokemon. Just look at Furret. This guy got away from me but I had caught so many Sentret's I was able to evolve.

Have you started hunting for Gen 2 Pokemon? What have you gotten already?


  1. I don't know if it is normal but I LOVE graveyards! These pictures look gorgeous, and what an amazing pokehunting you had! I'm starting again to get into it and just got 8 or 9 new Pokemon haha
    thanks for sharing! xx

  2. The pictures look freaky reminder from headless ghost movie, they look gothic. Really rad.