Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lace and Whimsy is a lifestyle blog and shop run by Kathy D. Clark. I've been following her for a while now and just adored her magical illustrations. Her shop is full of stickers which have been illustrated by Kathy and various collaborators too! All of the stickers you see here in this post are illustrated by Kathy and I just want all the sticker packs available. =^.^=

As you can see, even the envelope is decorated with magical stickers. It was a nice touch. Each sticker sheet is $3.30 + postage and they do come from the US, so wait time is around 1-2 weeks. I have Mystical Moon, Love Letters and Blue Moon stickers. I originally got these because I'm starting to bullet journal and thought these would be perfect! I'm a sucker for anything magical and moons! 
Collaborators include Brittney Guest, Dirty Work and Kayley Draws , each having their own unique designs. I love navigating through Kathy's website. It's so pleasing to the eye.

I also noticed that I was given some little extras with my order and they are just the cutest little stickers. It's such a lovely touch when shops do this. I can't wait to start using these, even though I do want to keep them perfect and untouched.

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