Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Primark's matte lipsticks have been out for a while now and I've only just gotten round to making this post even though I've had these lippys since last year. I really just wanted to re-do photos that were saved in my drafts. I like this style of layout, you'll be seeing it a lot more in beauty posts! Onto the review...

Primark have Super Matte Lipsticks and Metal Matte Lipsticks which are newer to the range and if you are lucky enough to have a big store like Newcastle's, you'll be able to find more than four shades! At £2, these are an absolute bargain. But for £2 there are some flaws to these. Primark has room for improvement when it comes to these lipsticks and I hope they continue to change up the formula in the future. The applicator isn't my favourite. I prefer the doe foot wands but it still does the job and they have a nice smell to them too! The packaging reminds me of Sleek's Liquid Lippys and some of the colours have even been said to be dupes for some of the Kylie lip kits! I think that's stretching it a bit though. Even if some of them are named after the Kardashians.

The lipsticks are very pigmented. I was quite surprised at how pigmented the metallic shade "Queen" was. They apply beautifully with the applicator and dried pretty fast, as you can see from the photo, its already drying as I snapped away. You have to be quick putting them on your lips! 

Kendal is a beautiful dusky mauve with purple tones. And it's my favourite of the three. Because the formula is quite drying, I suggest putting on some lip balm before hand. Too much product will cause it to flake. One layer of product was enough for me, even though I have read about various bloggers needing more than one coat due to streakiness. This wasn't a problem for me with any of them.

Shade 01 was the first shade I picked up in the earlier range. I'm pretty sure this has a new name now. Correct me if I'm wrong! This is a lovely everyday nude. (Because... I need ANOTHER nude lipstick in my collection...Don't look at me like that. I really do need another. STOP JUDGING ME.) All of the lipsticks have a sweet berry smell to them. Reminds me of blackcurrant ribena juice or something similar. 

Queen is the most exciting shade of the bunch and also the most drying lippy that has EVER graced my lips. Metallic lips are in right now. And when I saw this shade I instantly thought of the Lime Crime metallic shade Zenon, which is a brilliant gold. Speaking of LC, they have the most beautiful metallics and I really want them. Anyhoo..I really liked this shade until my lips dried and the product started to flake away after eating and drinking. Which is so not what you want from a product. It can be a nice lip topper but I wouldn't recommend wearing this normally. Maybes just for photos or blog props. Someone recommended using this as an eyeshadow. Maybes more of an eyeliner than shadow since it's far too drying.


♥ Pigmented 
♥ Cheap 
♥ Dries Quickly 
♥ Nice Packaging and Represents the colour inside .
♥ Smells nice 


✖ Drying ✖ 
✖ Cracks 
✖ Sometimes patchy 
✖ Metallic shades are very flakey after 5 minutes 

What brand in your opinion has the best formula and what Primark Beauty Products do you like?


  1. Those shades are absolutely gorgeous! The Kendal one is so pretty. Need to check it out. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. I have tried some of Primark liquid lipsticks but not these ones. They are gorgeous! I absolutely love the colors! Metallic is my jam! Will defo check them out ! xx C&K

  3. Wow, love the colours :) I agree though matte is such hard work though with the cracking

  4. Those colours are absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely be checking them out xx