Monday, 3 April 2017

It's April, oh gosh, where did the time go? Hello there! It's been a while since I last posted because I've been working my butt off to pay rent and paying for all those dreaded bills that adulthood gives us. I've missed having the time to take photos and blog. So I jumped at the chance while I had a few days off work to show off my new beautiful pieces of jewellery.

A couple of days ago JewelleryBox got in touch with me! It's always exciting to get these types of collabs and I had heard great things from other bloggers about JewelleryBox and they asked me to pick a few pieces of jewellery to review! Now I actually took a good hour looking through their website and it was so hard to pick out anything. I did see a perfect necklace for me and I'll get to that in a bit and it was the only one I managed to choose. I decided to be a pain in the butt and asked the lovely Marianna to pick some pieces for me. And she did just that. I cannot fault their communication either. They are so lovely.

Jewellery Box have affordable jewellery for everyone and I'm a fan of dainty jewellery which is a step up from all the costume jewellery I layered on during my teen years. Anyone remember jelly bracelet bands? 

I had no clue that the arrow ring was a toe ring until I was looking it up for this post!  When I asked if they could pick some pieces they thought would go perfectly for me, I had to state that I had no clue what my ring size was and that any rings needed to be adjustable. Which both of these rings are and they are lovely. So they are easily adjustable to turn them into midi rings as well. :D Both are Stirling Silver, so no green fingers here and for just over £5, they are a steal!


I was pleasantly surprised with this necklace. Rose gold is a colour I adore but don't have any jewellery with this colour and I LOVE it. It's so dainty and at just over £6 too. It's not going to break your bank account and it's a perfect present for any lovers of Rose Gold items!


I had a necklace similar to this when I was around sixteen but I think it was a £5 necklace from New Look and it didn't last long. This beautiful necklace will last and I'm so glad I now have it in my jewellery collection. It's such a perfect necklace from Spring/Summer. I'd pair this with a beautiful floral dress. 


Ghost Necklace - £8.95*

My favourite out of all the necklaces has to be the ghost necklace, it's the only one I chose too. It's so cute and fits in with my username! :D How could I not have a little ghost follow me everywhere? :D I shall name him Casper. 


JewelleryBox have free delivery over £10 and have over three thousand pieces of beautiful jewellery to choose from! They don't just sell rings & necklaces but bracelets, earrings and storage. JewelleryBox even personalize jewellery for you! Which is perfect for a special someone in your life. 

I'm so happy with the quality of the products and communication from the company.  I'm currently eyeing up their Honeycomb Necklace. -HeartEyes-  

What's your favourite piece?

{Any products marked with * are PR/Gifted items in collab with others. Please read my disclaimer in my About Me for more information.}

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  1. Aww wow these are all so beautiful, great choices! I also love the ghost necklace, so cute :)

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