Saturday, 23 September 2017

I popped into B&M after seeing Hayley's Candle review and I wanted to go and have a look for myself and just have a look around for some bits and bobs. Their halloween section is pretty impressive and if I had friends to have a halloween party for, I would have bought so much stuff. The sweet bowls were hilarious. B and M for those who don't know are a bargain store and have shops in the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. This is what I got and my thoughts on THOSE candles...

Also can I take a moment just to say that those autumn leaves are from eBay and were around £2! And many of you must be sick of the area I take my photos in. Yes it's the corner of my living room window but it makes everything so nice and bright hahaha. Ok onto the mini haul and candle review.

LIGHT BOX - £3.99 | I've seen bigger ones in Primark for around £10-12 but when I saw this I thought it was a perfect blog prop and I've seen a few bloggers use these. For £3.99, it's such a little bargain and cute item to have in your office, bedroom or like me, use them in photos. :D It's also a lovely gift for Christmas but when I went in there was around 3 left. So grab them quick in your local store.

WOODLAND COLOURING BOOK - £1.99 | I randomly picked up this colouring book and I'm so pleased that I did. The pictures inside scream autumn/fall to me and they are so pretty that I hope I can do it justice. On the other side of each colouring page is a beautiful quote and I might show more of this book in a later blog post! There is a page of pumpkins I really have a hankering to colour. If someone you know loves autumn and colouring, you should get them this. 

HALLOWEEN LANTERN CANDLE - £3.99 | After perusing the halloween section I came across this lovely cinnamon scented lantern candle. Around the outside of the candle it has a glittery halloween fall scene. It's cute and perfect for dotting around the house during those halloween partys and now onto the review of the candle that started this trip...

ESSENCE CANDLES- £3.99 | I was so excited to finally find them in store and actually picked up the candles that Hayley had reviewed. Firstly was the pumpkin waffles and I scrunched up my face and put it down. Usually pumpkin candles smell lovely to me regardless but this one just didn't do it for me. Which was a shame. Next up was the Spiced Pomegranate Cider which actually was a lovely smell and popped it to one side before deciding on which candle I was going to pick out. Next was Red Maple and really loved this, again popped it to one side, lastly I smelled the Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut. I was gutted that it didn't smell how I thought it was going to smell, it might be cause I'm not a huge fan of vanilla but still I wanted that sweet sugary baked good scent to come through and it didn't. So I put it back. I obviously chose the Red Maple Scent out of all of them as I had already picked up the halloween candle. I have it burning right now. The smell is strong in the candle, but not so much when you are burning it. It's very subtle sweet smell which is fine by me. I guess it really depends on the type of scents you like. 
I actually changed the lid of this candle, originally it had a silver lid with a leaf embossed but I really wanted the copper look! So I was naughty and switched them. Sorry B&M. hahaha. 

I also bought some presents for Christmas but I will future those in a later blog post! 

If you're a blogger, what is your favourite prop buy and what are your favourite candle scents and brands around this time of year??!!

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