Friday, 29 September 2017

I shouldn't be watching brand new shows as I still have a ton of Supernatural, Game of Thrones and Supergirl to catch up on. Plus new episodes of AHS and HTGAWM are back but yet here I am bingeing on new shows. Thanks Netflix.. Even though two of these shows I mention are not on Netflix. Also I really wanted this blog post up today and I'm not too keen on the photo I used for this post. It'll do pig. It'll do.

ATYPICAL - Netflix UK | I was browsing Netflix looking for something to fill the void that is a tiny Teen Wolf shape in my heart with a new show to binge watch. ATYPICAL was just that show. I watched the trailer and just fell in love. Atypical is described as a "coming of age dark comedy" It focuses on the life of Sam who is on the autism spectrum and announces that he wants to start dating cue all the dark comedy. This isn't the type of show I would normally watch straight off from just seeing a thumbnail. I watched the trailer and really enjoyed it. I really love Amy Osuka as Sam's therapist, Julia. I've seen Amy in various other shows and love everything she's in. In fact she's also in The Good Place. Casey and Evan are two other characters I love in this show. It's tastefully done, heart warming and good. I insist you watch it.

GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF - Channel 4,UK | This is most definitely an autumn show. It just has that warm fuzzy feeling when I watch this on my sofa with a cup of tea, of course that could be the tea in my stomach but whatever. Since this show moved from BBC to Channel 4, the only thing that really urks me is the bloody adverts. Also who doesn't love all the cooking innuendos this show throws at you. I'm always down for watching someone cook a terrible penis shaped cake.

LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA - Netflix UK | I saw the majority of my friends who love anime on twitter rant and rave about this little tv show. I say little but it has two films I know of and two seasons so far. I'm just waiting for a manga book I can read. Sucy is my favourite out of our little witches. And I just adore this so much. I can see why everyone raved about it. This whole show fills my witchy heart with happy vibes. It takes place at Luna Nova Magical Academy, a witch training school and follows Akko's ( a non magical background witch)  and her friend's (Lotte and Sucy) adventures. It's so cute and perfect to watch this autumn.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY - Various | American Horror Story is back with Cult. And I'm way more interested in this season than last years shit show of a theme that was Roanoke. Plus Teen Wolfs very own Jackson aka Colton Haynes plays a bleached blonde cop and I'm down with that. I already have my clown posse theories! This season is very much heavily based on fears. From Trump being elected to Killer Clowns. Everything you hated in 2016 is pretty much in this season. Also Evan Peters nails his character. He needs nominated for all the awards. Give this guy an oscar winning role cause I'm pretty sure he'd nail that too.

THE GOOD PLACE - Netflix | I literally only found out about this a few days ago and ended up binge watching the entire first season. Luckily the second season is currently airing on Netflix. It's quirky and fun. I adore Kristen Bell and this show is giving me serious Pushing Daisies/Joan of Arcadia vibes. Basically Kristen's character is Dead. And ends up in The Good Place but she doesn't belong there and tries her best to become a better person so no one finds out she doesn't belong and send her to the bad place. This show is just quirky and I love it. I won't spoil it but the ending of season 1 kinda shocked me as I didn't see it coming but goddamn I can't wait for new episodes. I've already watched Episode 1 of Season 2. 

What have you been watching lately?!

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