Saturday, 9 September 2017

I recently won a Vegan Box competition run by TheBeautyBank and I wanted to tell you my thoughts on this. Get ready for some savage comments.

Vegan Cut's Makeup Box is not to be mixed with the beauty box, they have totally different products in the boxes, which baffles me. Why can't you just have one beauty box? Vegan Cuts originally started off as a snack subscription box but now dips its feet into the beauty pond.

Lemme tell you more about the makeup box...You get four full sized products per box (the beauty box has 4-7) and has a value of $70+ per box.every item is 100% cruelty free and vegan which I love! The box is comes quarterly or annually and for international buyers it is $54.95 per box. That's around £40!! There is free shipping in the US and they do ship worldwide. International is $15.

So lets dive into what we got.

{au naturale cosmetics eternity lipstick- $25}

Ok. First thing about this lipstick. Its not worth this price in dollars or in an currency. It's described as a richly pigmented organic lipstick that will moisture and nourish lips with clean ingredients. It's very sheer for a product claiming to be richly pigmented. It's also a very sparkly lipstick and smells like raw potatoes. At first I thought the colour was really pretty and it is infact a lovely colour on the lips but overall I was unimpressed by this product. Now, I didn't get to do the Beauty Quiz when you sign up, as this box was sent to me but that still doesn't change the fact that this is neither pigmented nor moisturising. I was expecting buttery and easy to glide on but I had to go over my lips a few times to get some sort of colour showing. I wore it for around an hour before needing to touch up as well. not a fan at all.

{emani cosmetics trio eye colour- $20}

Again, another product not worth the price. I actually really love the dark earthy tones but i'd prefer the eyeshadows to be more matte then shimmery. I probably won't reach for this as I have many neutral tones in other palettes. Upon swatching, the shades did blend quite nicely. I really have nothing more to say. -awkward laugh-

{manna kadar eye &lip primer- $24}

Ok. These products are way over priced for what they are. $24 for this tiny product is ridiculous, vegan or not. I mean it's around £18. That's still alot for a brand I've never heard of. Which is a reason I love these types of boxes in the first place. I get to explore new brands but I expect more product from a $24 full sized beauty product. For a primer this colour is a little bit too dark on me. I prefer much lighter primers for my eyes to make colour pop. I tried this both on my eyes and lips. It did not work at all on my lips but it did on my eyes.

{pacifica strobe multi use highlighter - $13}

I expected this "highlighter" to be more expensive than the rest of the products to be honest. This "highlighter" is straight up icey white liquid sparkle. I don't think this can even be placed on the cheeks. It would literally blind anyone who looks at you. However this is perfect for the inner corners of your eyes for that perfect eye opening highlight. I used highlighter in quotation markers because to me, it's not subtle. It's blinding. It's more like a paint! "apply this liquid mineral strobe to anywhere you'd like to create the ultimate highlighted glow" F**K OFF MATE. If I placed this anywhere other than the corners of my eyes, I'd look like Edward Cullen rubbed Jeffree Stars highlighter all over him then stepped into the sunlight.
BUT.. out of all the beauty products in this Summer box, I really liked this multi use highlighter. it's the only thing in this box that's worth the money if you were to buy it separate. The packaging is really nice too. :D My photos do not do this justice.

{vegan cuts makeup bag- $20}

$20 for this bag. Let that sink in. It's a really nice bag. I can see myself using this. I just kinda wish the logo and writing were not sprawled all over it. Perhaps a logo that is a bit smaller would have been nicer. This is a bonus product which is a nice touch to the box.

Overall, like any subscription boxes, they can be a bit of a hit and miss. I personally love the idea of all vegan product subscription boxes and would love to try a UK version of this type of box (let me know in the comments what vegan beauty boxes I should try out), mainly because the price of this box + shipping brings tears to my eyes. I think this box is a bit of a miss for me. Overpriced & disappointing products for most of it but that's just my opinion.


  1. Oh I LIVE for a brutal review �� They're so refreshing every once in a while! Such a shame that this didn't go down well, especially as all the products are vegan and cruelty free. It would have been nice if you could promote the products positively as there contributing towards a good cause. But those prices are extortionate! Especially as the products aren't THAT good?! At least you didn't buy it yourself, every cloud and all that! xxx

  2. Thank you for the honest review, I'd never even heard of this! X

  3. I love a good honest review! Xx

  4. Love your honestly I wish more bloggers were this brutal, I've bought so many products from reviews then thought meh!

  5. The hit and miss nature of these boxes is exactly what puts me off them, and it's so disappointing that all of the products were a miss, especially when it's not exactly the cheapest beauty subscription box out there!

    Steph -