October Goals

Sunday, 1 October 2017

I'm always making lists and goals and this month is no exception. Hello October. The time for spookeh stuffs, oversized jumpers, hot drinks, netflix binge sessions on the sofa and lots and lots and lots of candles. Here are my small and large goals to do this month.

To complete blogtober | This is the main goal this year. I'm really into blogging right now and just feel much better about my blog than any previous year. Am I silly for attempting a full 31 days of blogging. Maybes. But I've already planned everything out. So fingers crossed I don't miss a day.

Attend The Body Shop event | This one is a big one since my anxiety hates any sort of social event. But I have a +1 in the form of my friend Laura, so I should be ready to enjoy myself at the event and mingle with other bloggers.

Start a Scrapbook / Bullet Journal |
I've already gotten myself a a5 journal for bullet journalling. I can't wait to get stuck in. I've already done my month page, now I gotta add in trackers and all of that wonderful stuff. I've even been perusing etsy to look for cute stickers and washi tape and now I've fallen into the pit of wanting all the washi tape. I also want to do some weekly or month posts on my page spreads as well. :D Let me know if thats something you'd like to see.

Study Tarot | I've said this in an instagram story but I lost touch with my tarot cards and now I need to get acquainted with them again. I really want to touch up on some research and get reading again.

Paint/Draw More & maybes attempt Inktober | I feel like I have a creative energy streak flowing through me. And I've seen people start inktober. And I was thinking, oh I wanna do that. So look out for some sketches on my art instagram (@gh0stsart) and twitter.

Read Library Books instead of Buying | I've recently fell in love with libraries again. My library is just across the road from where I work which is perfect because I get to read for an hour traveling to and from work, 4 days a week. So I go through books pretty fast.Since it's almost Christmas, I need to save all I can and spending my money on books I won't read for a while has become a habit. This way I can read, review and not break the bank. :) Remember to visit your library too.

Attempt 1 youtube video a week | Okay this is a tough one for me and a struggle at times. I have all these plans but I'm never able to film them because mostly I can't be bothered or I hate my backgrounds etc etc. I just need to shut the fuck up and do it. So expect a book haul sometime this week!

I think after blogtober is over, I will come back to this list and see what I've achieved! I'm also attempting to do blogmas in december if all goes well this month.

Do you have any small or big goals this month, let me know, maybes we can help each other out!

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