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Monday, 2 October 2017


Stepping away from my normal reading genre of crime thrillers, I received an e-ARC copy of Connie Glynn's Undercover Princess via Netgalley and Penguin Random House Books. I was very excited to read since Connie unveiled that she had been writing a book! I've met Connie several times during my trips to MCM London Comic Con and I occasionally watch her youtube videos. You may know her as Noodlerella. Now just because I've met Connie, it won't sway my opinions on her book. Undercover Princess is due out 2nd of November so this review will be spoiler free!

Now I must admit, I do prefer to read copies of books that I can feel and smell. I'm still iffy on e-books but I may make regular round up posts in the future of various ebooks I have read. Anyways, enough babbling and onto the review.

Lottie is an ordinary girl who longs to be a princess and is attending the prestigious Rosewood Hall on a Scholarship where she meets Ellie Wolf, who is actually a Princess and has persuaded the King and Queen of Maradova to send her to Rosewood Hall to lead a normal life and postpone her royal duties,  all under a alias of course. And both girls are thrown together as dorm roommates and naturally swap identities after people mistakenly think Lottie is the real princess. as ya do.

This book flows from one paragraph to another and with beautiful descriptions of Rosewood Hall I felt like I had been transported into Lottie Pumpkins world. I hope Connie continues to expand the world as I'd love to know more about Maradova and the world the characters inhabit. 
Connie has captured the bond between Ellie and Lottie very well. They do say opposites attract. She has beautifully written a female friendship that even I would envy. #friendshipgoals. I have an inkling that Lottie and Ellie might get together in a future book to be honest as they have quite a close intimacy in their friendship. I also have a feeling but I might be wrong that Lottie is slightly based on Connie herself or someone Connie knows. (who do we know that loves pink, disney and obsessed with princesses?) I also giggled a little too much when she described Prof. Croak as a baked bean. I'm easily pleased.

The book is full of diverse characters with lgbt+ elements, maybes a little bit too full perhaps. There was a lot to take in & I wanted some more backstories & descriptions on characters that were introduced as I adored Binah (Is it pronounced Bin-ah or Bi-nah?)  The book has a few twists, puzzles and turns you never see coming. I'd like to point out that even though this book is classed for everyone, It seems to be more aimed at a younger audience. I do love to get stuck into a young adult novel even if I am in my twenties but it felt like a book I'd have read in primary school just before heading to high school. 

It's a good start for the Rosewood Chronicle Series, there is something magical about it and I can't wait to see what else Connie comes up with and improves next.

I will say this... Even though it intrigued me to see editors notes. please publishers, send clean eArcs. :P 

Will you be picking up a copy of Undercover Princess? I'm hoping Connie will do a book tour and end up in Newcastle ;)

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