Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Can we just look at how cute "Spooky" is?! Yes his name is Spooky. I didn't name him. But it fits this post. He'll look after you and will probably pop up in future posts. Any'oooo' I've decided to compile a list of thirty one films you can choose from to watch on Halloween, during October or if you're struggling to watch something on Netflix.

These are my favourite spooky films for halloween. Some of them are light hearted and some are bloody good fun! I have thing for Slasher flicks and Witches. ;)  Have a spooktacular movie session ghouls & let me know which ones are your favourites! 

i.  Hocus Pocus
ii. Scream
iii. I Know What You Did Last Summer
iv. The Cabin in the Woods
v. Practical Magic
vi. Childs Play
vii. Hush
viii.Sabrina the Teenage Witch
ix. May
x. Carrie

xi. Seven
xii. The Craft
xiii. Resident Evil
xiv. Nightmare Before Christmas
xv. Would you Rather?
xvi.Wrong Turn
xvii. Tucker and Dale vs Evil
xviii. A Nightmare on Elm Street
xix. Final Destination
xx. Ginger Snaps

Prom Night.xxii
Repo The Genetic Opera.xxiii
Trick r Treat.xxv
The Addams Family.xxvii
Urban Legend.xxviii
Texas Chainsaw Massacre.xxix
Interview with The Vampire.xxx

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