Thursday, 5 October 2017

After buying a lip balm and bath bombs from geeky clean, you can see my post about them here, I picked up their unicorn poop sugar scrub at MCM London. I have my eye on the Unicorn Breakfast candle because BOTH OF THESE SMELL AMAZING. I wish you could smell these photos. I really do.

What does Unicorn Poop smell like? Cotton Candy and Vanilla. You'll want to smell unicorn poop all day every day. The texture of the poop is almost like a mousse. Whipped to perfection to be honest. Who knew poop could be this good and a tub of this costs just £7.

Geekyclean just added some new products to their shop which include Unicorn Poop Soap and I'm so excited about this as well as a limited edition pumpkin spice candle for autumn. The Cauldron Bombs look amazing too! I really need to make an order soon, there are so many products I want! :D I've always bought products in person at conventions but GeekyClean has a online point system. For every item you buy, you earn points which is awesome. Although I'm not sure what they do. I'll report back later XD

I highly recommend this shop. Get yoself a treat or someone a unicorn poop for christmas, they will love them.

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