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Friday, 6 October 2017

I will be honest and say I'm someone that will mostly see the bad in my everyday life. I complain about insignificant crap and when things don't work out, my mood goes down so much. I use my twitter as a way to rant about everything going wrong about my day but lately I've calmed down (aside from my computer rant) I've tried seeing the positive outcomes in my day to day routines. Finding good things that have happened even with my constant anxiety. I want my mind to know that my life is peachy compared to others.

Maybes it's because I have a new job that I'm comfortable & happy and perhaps because of that I've become more positive. It makes a change from my last job because working night shifts by myself, being ignored, unappreciated and mostly working in a male centric workplace got me down in the dumps. Whereas my new place is full of wonderful co-workers, mixture of people and I get praised for doing a good job. It makes those few hours a day easier to handle. I have more energy, time to work on other things and commutes to work are pleasant as I usually avoid rush hours. (lets not talk about the fact my metro has always got a delay message) 

Lately I've been writing down in my bullet journal, all the thoughts and outcomes of my days that have been good. And I wanted to share some of them with you that have happened in these past few days without complaining of the down sides. I want to spread some positivity and basically show those silver linings in my anxiety filled clouds. And hopefully you will take a new approach to each day.

Here are some of my positive thoughts and outcomes lately!

+ Tony fixed the PC so now I can carry on with Blogtober!
+ I left cute post-it notes around one of the office I work for and it left everyone smiling
+ I gave Dorkface hope about her future plans.
+ My co-worker spent the time getting to know me and gave me a kit-kat
+ 6 Office's want me to clean for them because I'm good at my job.
+ I spent a few minutes on the way home with a bunch of dogs surrounding me. :D
+ I thought I didn't have any rice when I bought chicken but I found a full packet in my pantry and got excited to make dinner again.
+ I'm having a rare girls night on Sunday and attending a bloggers event.
+ Won a few competitions which included a Naked Palette, Benefit Blush, Books and even one very expensive wooly hat.
+ Got a hot drinks machine and it was the best £20 we spent on Facebook
+ Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain is free on playstation plus and it's been keeping me entertained.
+ Our Rainbow Sherbet GFuel came with a free miami nights shaker bottle and its the best.
+ Today, my friend James got me a small art print at NYCC from Jen Bartel's table. She's one of my favourite artists ever. I want my walls covered in her art.

This may not seem like much to other people but these make me happy and content with life. A few mishaps have happened this past week but these overruled everything. And now I think of the best out of each day and I hope you can to! Life is too short to be angry or annoyed at silly things that won't matter in a few days. So make the most of each day no matter how big or small.

Tell me 3 positive things that happened to you this week!

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