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Sunday, 8 October 2017

I say this alot but I won a giveaway not too long ago and in this giveaway was a Benefit blusher. Now 1.I don't really own anything by Benefit unless it's mini sample versions of everything and 2. I'm not the biggest blusher wearer due to my very mild rosacea cheeks but most of that gets muted when I wear high coverage foundation. So I was super excited to get this in the giveaway. I've tried it out already so here are my thoughts on the Benefits Rockateur Blush! (And yes, you haven't seen the last of these autumn leaves in photos yet!)

Obviously I'm a bit behind on everything blusher wise and I only own one and that's from the Make Up Academy. Rockateur has been out for years and some of you probably have it stashed away in the back of your alex drawers from ikea, forgotten and never to be loved for a good few years until you declutter. Well I don't have that issue and it's newish to me. The blusher is currently out of stock on Benefit's website but it retails for £24.50. And by golly you better believe my mouth just hit the floor. The only and only blusher I use was only bought for £1. Don't worry Benefit, I still love you and will continue to attend events and pine for products at the counter.

This blusher has a special formula with combines the best features of baked, powder, cream and fluid for the best brighter results. It comes in a hinged hard cardboard box like all the other blusher shades and a little brush applicator. I'm not a fan of the box design but I do like the shade, a pinky, coral rose colour which gives my cheeks a slightly pinched look! It also smells really good. Give it a whiff next time you see one in your store. It's a versatile blush and can be used day or night. Just pack on an extra swipe across the cheeks for that provocative night time look. oh la la. 

I can see why everyone loves Benefit's blushers. With it's cheesy embossed "Rock" inside the pan and shimmery highlights. It's not so pigmented that your cheeks will look like you went for that Annabelle look but not lacking in colour pay off either. I'm very pale. Like dead pale. And this looks beautiful on pale skin. I've read that people use this as a highlighter as well. I suggest using this on the highest parts of your cheeks if you are going for that highlight blush look. But as a highlighter on it's own. No senorita. 

Does it stand the test of time and still loved even to this day? I'll let you answer that one once you've dug it out of the blusher box. 

PROS| Colour, The packaging, would work on most skintones, smells great.
CONS| The packaging design (imo), the price.

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