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Monday, 9 October 2017

I feel like every blogger and their mother has a Urban Decay palette. I don't earn enough to just splash the cash on expensive products so when I saw the lovely Jemma aka Dorkface (go give her blog a read, you won't be disappointed) was doing a giveaway on her instagram. I pressed that like button so fast and commented on her post like there was no tomorrow. AND I WON. I won a freaking UD Naked 2 palette and I can see why everyone loves these palettes so much. What can I say. I'm quite the lucky charm! Everyone has their own opinions on each makeup product so lets read mine, shall we? :D Onto the review!

I've actually used this palette a few times since receiving it in the post. I'm a sucker for gold, copper and brown eyeshadows right now. Well so is everyone else but neutral is always going to be the best. (Don't get me wrong, I love a pop of colour on my eyes from time to time but neutral is the easiest) Half Baked and Chopper are my go to shades in this palette. With a bit of Tease. I like to mix this palette along with the MUA Fire Vixen for an ultimate autumn look! 

This palette has been out for a good while now. Again.. late to the beauty party. But it still holds up even now. With its buttery shades and hit you in the face pigmentation this is a staple eyeshadow palette for anyone's collection. Those swatches on my fingers are one swipe. YES ONE SWIPE. The shade Foxy hasn't got much colour payoff to be honest but I use that as a base shade anyway for my eyeshadow and I also love to dab a bit of Verve into my inner corners of my eyes for a popping highlighter look. The palette consists of 3 shimmery shades, 6 satin shades and 3 matte shades. A lovely little selection. Now this palette comes in at a whopping £39.50 at Debenhams. My anxiety rises whenever I see a high end street price. Thats the same price as a playstation 4 game and my mind tells me that the game will never run out so thats the better price but ya know, ya gotta just spurge and take a dive into expensive makeup because you pay for what you get. And for £39.50 you get some beautiful shades for around £3 each. I don't maths so someone work that out for me. XD I could see myself saving for the Naked 3 palette in the future as N2 and N3 appeal to me much more than N1. The palette also comes with a brush, who uses the brushes in the palette still?! Well me. Only when they look decent and this little shadow crease brush did the job. Still need to get my hands on some morphe brushes on payday!

PROS| Pigmentation, easy to blend, soft and buttery formulas.
CONS| Plenty of Neutral Palettes out there for cheaper prices.

What is your favourite product from Urban Decay?

and lastly I just want to say, thank you to Jemma for hosting the giveaway. 

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