Monday, 27 November 2017

So recently I made a purchase over at Jemma’s Etsy! After a while of ogling her work, I finally found my hubbys bank card and clicked buy. You may know Jemma as Dorkface. She has bright hair, paints alot and loves Eminem. (Hi Jemma!)  I wanted to support a small business and treated myself to a cute print for my office that I aim to decorate soon. Although I'm in the middle of painting my bathroom so that might take a while. However I will be buying frames for these pieces of artwork this week :D I really want to aim to support more artists now I can afford to buy things. And what better time to support and give then Christmas. Excuse my hideous nails in these photos.

I picked up this super cute Nintendo A4 Print for £6 + shipping. Being a gamer and someone who will be using my office as a streaming room, this print was perfect. Bright colours and nostalgia is right up my street. I’m always trying to find ways to incorporate a lot more colour into my life than just grey! As soon as Jemma posted that it would be for sale soon, I knew I had to grab it.

Jemma was also kind enough to add extra items to my package to show you guys what you could get from her store. Every piece is painted / drawn with passion. And as a budding artist myself, this fills my heart with joy. I always love watching Jemma paint on her Instagram stories. I find watching artists draw / colour is so relaxing. She sells everything from original painted canvas, prints, stickers, mugs and bookmarks! I’m sure you will find  a beautiful unique item in her shop to give a special someone a gift this Christmas too!

I’m currently using my bookmark that Jem popped into the package and Zazzles was curious as well. I think he just wanted to play with the cute pompom! I'm loving the little heart punchhole :D

Three beautiful prints were included!  I can’t wait to frame them and put them up around the house. I’ve lived here for two years and I have hardly anything on my walls. I’ve already made note of some other prints I will be buying soon from Jemma. I have my eye on this beautiful abstract print.


And she even popped in a couple of stickers which are perfect for bullet journaling! How adorable are those mini Nintendo’s and tea cups! Can’t wait to stick them in a journal spread :D She has plenty of other stickers to choose from too! I loved all of the items Jemma gifted to me. So thank you so much sweetie!

Don't forget to give your support to friends, artists, streamers. Whatever they are passionate about. Help them out. Even if you are unable to give money, even just a retweet helps. -goes off to peruse etsy for more artwork-

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