Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Now when you think of Christmas in Newcastle, Fenwick window comes to mind along with the obvious. Fenwick (I always call it Fenwicks, I add the S for no reason) have been doing these windows since I can remember. And some are memorable and some are less memorable. I thought since this year I work in town and go past the Fenwick window display I'd take some photos of this years display! If I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure this is the only Fenwick in the UK to put on such a display. So many of you will  have no idea what this means in Newcastle. It's been apart of Newcastle for over 45 years!
This year's theme was Paddington Bear, which nicely coincides with the Paddington Bear movie sequel and the grand showing was on the 3rd of November. Fenwick always put so much thought into their windows regardless if you enjoy it or not. The window gathers around 2000 people on its opening night for the reveal and usually many people come and see it throughout the festive period too! So it's always good to go late to see the window like I did, so you can properly get a good look without nudging a few people just to get to a window. The display itself is one of the largest christmas window displays in Europe. :D

Seeing an animatronic Paddington with jars of Orange Marmalade made me smile. It's so cute. However the people are quite creepy and I'm sure the music will irritate any person working around and in Fenwicks. Aside from the Greggs signs that are reflecting in the glass. This display is cute and homey. There kinda is a sequence of events happening within the display but non of these photos are in order and it really doesn't matter.

Paddington ends up in the lost property office and proceeds to get into mishaps including shaving off a little too much hair and making a mess during decorating. Paddington can be seen having a bath and enjoying some of his favourite sarnies as well as celebrating Christmas. If I remember correctly last year's window was Peter Rabbit themed for the 150th anniversary special. Many themes over the years since turning into an animated window in 1971 include Alice in Wonderland (which has been done three times in different scenarios), The Snowman, Peter Pan and of course Santa Claus.  I love seeing what they come up with each year. I've never really thought about taking photos of the display until now. It's always something I've enjoyed in passing as I do some Christmas Shopping. 

Here are some photos for those who don't live in Newcastle and can't see the display in person. :D

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