Friday, 10 November 2017

Let's have a look back on Octobers Goals , now I attempted Blogtober and with a few mishaps along the way, I only managed to get out 19 of the 31 posts. I was gutted but I gave it a bloody good try even with my internet changeover and my computer breaking on me at one point. I attended the Body Shop Event and had a great time. I did attempt Inktober but I had too much going on to continue after a few days but I can tick that off due to it helping me draw more. I didn't attempt any youtube videos (even though I have planned some out) or Study Tarot. I did get a library book out and read it. I actually forgot what day to take it back and now it's overdue as I'm writing this. Oops and finally I started a Bullet Journal! Which I'm very excited about. So overall 4 out of 7 Goals were completed and I give myself a pat on the back for Blogtober. 

Let's get into what I want to achieve this November.

  • Paint and fully decorate my bathroom!
  • Have a good old clear out of everything
  • Crack out a blog post or two just using apps on my tablet and phone since my PC is broken
  • Save enough money to buy a laptop!
  • Catch up on my 2017 Goodreads Challenge! I’m almost finished my goal :D

What would you like to achieve this month?! And did you manage to complete any goals you’ve set so far?

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