Sunday, 12 November 2017

A few weeks back I attended the Body Shop event in the Metro Centre and got to try lots of lovely products. One of these products that I had my eye on was the Vitamin E Sleeping Mask.

I'm not a huge skincare person to be honest. And I really need to do something about that. Every so often I do a face scrub and use micellar water to clean my face but I've never really delved into using products such as this to help my skin. Now I have very dry skin. It never used to be like this. Growing up it was quite oily but that was literally down to hormones and puberty. My skin is pretty clear of spots on my face and I do have problem areas but that's due to skin conditions and do fade and reappear during different times. There's nothing like now to start a new skin care routine and I'm starting it off with the Sleeping Mask. At £11! Yep. I paid £11 for 100 ml of Sleeping Mask. Well actually I didn't, that was a lie. I took advantage of the 40% of Core and Sale Items and this was one of three products I bought and spent overall around £15 on everything. 

It claims to help infuse optimum moisture levels  into the skin with intense hydration. Intense hydration is something my skin definitely needs, especially in this weather. The texture of this cream is a gel like consistency and the tub tells you to put a generous amount onto clean skin and let it sink in while you sleep. I felt like a little went a long way with this product and smeared not too much  but not too little either onto my face and ended up putting extra on my driest areas, which are around my nose. As soon as I popped this beauty on my face, I was hit with an instant cooling sensation. It was lovely and weird at the same time. I did feel apprehensive as to whether or not all of this gel cream would rub off onto my pillow but I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it sunk into my skin, leaving a tacky mask feeling but not tacky enough to stick to my pillow and have fluff sticking to my face. Who doesn't want to wake up looking as fresh as a daisy with soft skin?! 

This is a simple product. And I can see why people like to use this. After one use. YES ONE USE. My face was super soft. Around my nose felt amazing. And I struggle a lot to find a good moisturiser. My everyday moisturiser is the E45 intensive care cream. Which I will still use but 2 days a week (like it says on the tub) I'll be sleeping with this on. :D

Have you tried anything from the Vitamin E range? What are your favourite products in your skin care routine?

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