Friday, 29 December 2017

Another year has passed before our eyes and 2018 is here! I feel 2017 was not only quite a shit year for many people but also went by very fast. I felt like I haven't took anything in. In 2017, I actually left my house and did things! From getting a permanent job to attending a blogger event and even reconnecting with friends. 2017 was alright for me. I also reached 500+ bloglovin followers. And as a thank you, in the new year I will be doing a giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Here are my 2018 goals and aspirations. It's gonna take a lot of hard work to achieve any of these goals. Wish me luck. (I'll be striking out anything that I've achieved)

- Reach 1K on Bloglovin
- Be paid for a blog post
- Own my own domain and get a new layout

If I can smash a goal of 500 followers, than surely I can make 1k this year. I really want to work hard on my blog and these past few months have shown that I can do it. I've also never taken on an actual payment for a blog post. I've been gifted products for review but never really gave any thought into other forms of earning from my blog. And I really want to give my blog a new look and feel in 2018. So I will be looking at some blog layouts and pricing for domains.

- Lose 1st
- Reach a target of 10,000 Steps each day
- Bed at 12am, wake at around 9am
- No takeaways
- Work on Drawings
- Save for a 2019 holiday & get a new passport

Since I no longer work 12 hour shifts, my body doesn't get 20,000+ steps into my daily routine any more and I average around 8000 steps at my current job. So I really want to try and aim everyday to reach 10,000 steps and also eat healthier to lose an extra stone. I've already started on getting a new sleep pattern into gear. But the no takeaways will be very hard. I feel like to lose weight is everyone's new years resolution/goal but I've been saying this all the time and well to achieve just a 1st loss would be amazing.

- Paint Office & Bathroom to 100%
- Buy a new sofa
- 15 minute cleans everyday
- Get a PC

Once we start painting a room, we always finish that room a month or two later due to other activities and work. We started the bathroom a month before Christmas and it's still not done. I'm hoping to be buying my office desk and chair at the end of January so painting the office all white is a must. I just want a clean slate. Also look out for a before and after blog post on the bathroom :D Since I work as a cleaner, I don't normally take my job home with me. So I'm forever living in a shit-tip. I'll be doing 15 minute cleans each day to keep on top of everything.
Since 2016 I've been saying that I want to build a gaming PC and yet here we are. 2018 and still no where near. I need all the strength and luck of saving for a new PC this year.

What are your 2018 goals and aspirations?

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