Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Every year as far as I can remember Newcastle have had a Christmas International Food Market around the town centre at Monument. From handmade goods, delicious foods and gorgeous jewellery and trinkets, the market is a perfect place to shop for a unique present. But mostly everyone goes for the food. And this year, some old favourites made an appearance as well as some foods I’ve never had before. This year I always see the market to and from work but never have a look. Unfortunately I was too busy scoffing my face with treats that I barely took any photos of the rest of the market. 

I'm pretty sure the normal Christmas market is on straight after this market as well. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

I spied with my little eye. Chinese food. Oh yes. I began my walk around the market with a carton of sweet and sour chicken with rice. It was so yummy. And warmed me right up after the morning I had. My friend and I walked past many sweet treats and baked goods. which is why most of my photos are of sweet delights but you should check it out for yourself if you are in Newcastle or any Food Markets that happen in your hometown and yes I did joke about the blue waffle. (scroll down for photos)

The centre of Newcastle smells absolutely divine from this market as well as Hadrian's Food and Drink Market too! (which I'll be visiting very soon) I remember a few years ago I ate a Kangaroo burger from the market. I've always been a try anything once type of person when it comes to food and I really wanted to go back to the stall this year to try another burger but couldn't find it while walking around and to be quite honest I'm kind of glad I didn't. I'm not a big meat eater, it's usually chicken I eat but I've cut down so much that I might as well be a vegetarian. Perhaps that can be a goal for next year. 

The smells come from foods around the world such as Greece, China, India, Holland, Mexico, France and Germany. (bratwursts for days) You can definitely find something to munch on. The paella from one of the stalls smells amazing and I think I might go back and get some. I have to admit, the smell of mulled wine is not a favourite of mine.

Aside from food, stalls include Russian dolls, crystals and soaps, jewellery, clothing, Christmas baubles and even some garden decorations! 

The food market is on until the 10th of December, so hurry if you're visiting in Newcastle! But I'm sure your hometown might have a Christmas Food Market too, so have a look around :D

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