Friday, 1 December 2017

Every week my friend Laura and I aim to do something together. To lift moods and basically just to hang out a lot more since our lives are full of work and other activities, it’s sometimes hard to have a social life. So whatever day we have free, we plan to do an activity etc and document what we’ve done to look back. Here are some photos of our outings from the past week. This post is a tad photo heavy.

(I just wanna point out how "blogger" these photos of my drink and cake are, I'm so impressed with myself, its the perfect place for these types of photos) We’ve had “friend dates” as I call them in Tynemouth at Mr Woods cafe. Which do the most amazing vanilla chai lattes, mocha's and hot chocolates by the way. It also snowed this week so we had a little bit of fun taking photos in the snow fall. We had some right giggles and even saw a robin! Although he flew away before any of us could manage to snap a photo it was still a lovely sight to see! Really got me in the Christmas mood! Although I had slushy snow and the freezing temperatures, seeing Tynemouth and Newcastle being covered in a sheet of white got me all excited for December and various thing to come.

Next up we headed for a cheeky cocktail and one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant in Newcastle, The Botanist and I will be back for my birthday. It’s so lovely inside. I kinda wanna decorate my kitchen now that I’m inspired. I got a strawberry and cucumber cocktail without the gin (which made it £4.95 instead of £7+)  I dislike gin but it tasted so yummy without it anyways and we headed up to the balcony area to catch a view of Monument. I can’t wait to go back there and try the food.

Of course we had a nip around the Christmas market, which you can read more about tomorrow! we grabbed some yummy hot food and some calorific bubble waffles and had a gander at all the stalls. Christmas markets always get me in that festive spirit. I chose to munch on some sweet and sour chicken with fried rice before heading to buy a "Festive" Bubble Waffle. Oh gosh it was so good. Sickly but good.

We had a cheeky trip to primark for Christmas presents and a little summat for us. (I got a Ravenclaw nightgown) I also got a new bobble hat from New Look which I blooming love and will be wearing it all this winter. I had such a lovely day out and can't wait to show you guys more "friend dates" in the future. :D

Do you like to visit Christmas Markets? What gets you into a Christmas Mood?

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